The importance of angles

Thinking in degrees can revolutionise the way you colour – we got the know-how from Conor Doyle, educator and stylist at Peter Mark

You might feel like the maths classroom is a distant memory, but in fact there is real value in thinking about how angles affect your colour placement.

In fact, you probably already have the skills you need to start using angles – you just didn’t know it. “The concept of incorporating angles into shaping hair isn’t new, it’s the foundation of our cutting practise,” explains Conor Doyle, educator and Stylist from Peter Mark. “What we sometimes overlook is how we can use this practical approach in our colour techniques.”

This method is all about being exact – when you think about colour placement in terms of angles, you are able to create something very precise. “Something I stress with creative colour is the discipline involved,” says Conor. “We need to be able to map out our colour to not only predict the result, but recreate it again and again. Paying attention to angles and thinking about the elevation helps us achieve this. Once that concept sinks in, you start to discover how colour falls from various points of elevation, and the possibilities are endless.”

Conor has employed this philosophy to much of his recent work, which has allowed him to create consistent and defined looks. “I recently put together some creative work to highlight this, using a whole host of different vivid colours. Carefully planning out the fall of colour using different angles meant that I could melt together vastly contrasting colours seamlessly and symmetrically.

“In the image above, I pulled all the hair at the face out at a 45 degree angle to drop tones around the face. I then applied the colour behind almost like a round layer to ensure a blend. The colours used were JOICO Intensity in lilac, orchid, yellow, pink and orange.”

Grab your protractor because, when it comes to creative colouring, angles are essential!