The importance of offering services for hard of hearing

by | 11 Jan 2023

The Jamie Stevens team is working to ensure clients who are hard of hearing can opt for signed services

Jo Haywood

Jo Haywood

Clients who are deaf or hard of hearing are now able to opt for signed services using British Sign Language (BSL) at Jamie Stevens’ salon in Kensington, London. 

Senior stylist Jo Haywood is qualified in BSL, and bookings with Jo specifically can be made online or via Instagram DM in the salon’s latest efforts to expand its equality and inclusivity to clients. 

“We know that the consultation stage of a haircut is a huge part of the overall service, and it must be so hard to have a consultation and feel at ease if you can’t communicate with your stylist,” said Jo. “I want deaf clients to know that they can come here and relax, and also able to take out any hearing aids and be comfortable at the basin.”

Jamie Stevens salon

Why now?

“Although I don’t know anyone who’s deaf, my Dad and I decided to learn together by attending a course at an adult college for two years,” Joe explained. “The last year was during Covid – doing it by zoom was so frustrating because of the screen freezing, or unmuted people suddenly appearing on speaker view. It’s very hard to do a visual language online! Some the training activities involved attending art exhibitions with a group of deaf people and a BSL guide. This massively helped us learn.”

“When I first started out in hairdressing I wanted to make sure that I could do every type of hair – really well – and that’s something I’ve always instilled in my team,” added Jamie Stevens. “When Jo decided to learn British Sign Language I was really excited about being able to incorporate that into the salon. Jo is an excellent senior stylist and specialises in cutting for men and women, and all aspects of colour, so it’s a really accessible service for lots of people.”

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