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Discover the must-have tech to transform your salon business with ease

The salon industry has come a long way in recent years, moving away from the clunky digital calendars of the past and embracing increasingly powerful yet easy-to-use features that help you grow all areas of your salon business with ease. 

As advancements in salon technology continue to take over the professional hair and beauty industry, here are some of Phorest’s current favourite salon tech innovations; the clever features that are totally changing the game when it comes to managing, marketing, and growing your salon business. 

Integrated Payment Processing

Integration is everything going into the future, as businesses aim to reduce the number of service providers they hire and opt instead for integrated solutions that ‘do it all’. In fact, Phorest salons that adopted an integrated card terminal saved, on average, five to seven hours a week in cash-up time, compared to salons that used a third-party processor.

Other integrated finance features such as cardless checkout options, online payment links, and accounting software integrations are all growing in popularity, too, with their ability to streamline cash operations a massive selling point for salon owners. 

Online Booking 

Online booking has been a much-loved feature in the salon industry for years, with one-third of all bookings occurring outside of salon opening hours. This continues to grow as we move toward a digital-first world. 

Phorest’s online booking feature integrates seamlessly with your website and socials, reducing double-booking, increasing online visibility, and allowing you to charge flexible deposits that reduce no-shows and late cancellations. Incredibly, no-show rates are 49 per cent lower for appointments booked online, making it a reliable revenue generator as well as a handy scheduling tool. 

Online Store

The number of people using the internet to shop is ever-growing, meaning that not having an online store for your business can result in you missing out on a massive cohort of your customer base. Phorest salons that opened an integrated online store when it launched in 2019 have seen a six times as much growth in revenue compared to those who never used the feature. While this is not down to using the feature alone, it does signal the success of businesses that share a mindset of growth and are open to introducing new features to their salons.

An online store for your salon gives your clients what they want most; convenience. With a pre-loaded inventory, fully integrated payments, a range of flexible delivery options, and the chance to increase online visibility, using an online store to sell your salon’s retail products is a no-brainer coming into 2023 and beyond.

Video Consultations

If anything good has come from the past few years, it’s that remote technology has hugely improved in all industries. Video consultations are the future of the salon industry, offering you the chance to serve clients from beyond the salon floor. As well as saving time and space for you, video consultations make it quicker and more convenient for your clients to avail of the consultation services they need before having to visit you in person. 

Phorest’s video consultation feature allows you to conduct services through the system via a unique link, with payment collection, note-taking, and follow-ups all fully integrated and available at the click of a button.

As we continue to move toward a more automated and integrated future in the industry, salon software is there to take the hassle out of business ownership and help you get back to what made you fall in love with the industry in the first place; community, connection, and creativity.