The Karbon Kyd Koncept

The Karbon Kyd’s mission – in his own words

“I’m creating my own universe and I’m going to travel with it, creating my own backdrops that will all be carbon-based in design and can come anywhere with me.

“The name is a simple link – Gray equals carbon – and it developed from there. It’s a gritty filter, and that will be reflected in my imagery, it’s part of my identity. All the models are my Karbon Kyds, and I’m creating a Karbon Komposite with model cards that you could swap. This will all become part of the Karbon Kyd Kollektive.

“The focus will always be on the colour. I’m not trying to sell a hair cut, I’m selling a concept.

“Karbon Kyd is not about technique, it’s about looking at colour in different ways – sprays, gels, whatever…”