The modern marcel – Richard Phillipart for Jack Irving

Make waves for the future with an ultramodern take on the marcel wave from Richard Phillipart, seen at the ON/OFF catwalk at Jack Irving AW22

Jack Irving LFW model

Originating in 19th century France, but brought to prominence in the Roaring Twenties, the Marcel wave was often associated with a short bob style. As with many aspects of popular culture, like hair styling, fashion, or beauty looks, over the decades, we see history repeat itself and those trends circulate once more.  

We’ve been back to the future with the ’70s bangs and a big blow-out, the sweet sixties gave us the voluminous half up-half down with an exaggerated ribbon or headband, and now over 100 years later the Marcel wave has been elevated with some futuristic fashion week flair. 
Inspired by theatricality, Jack Irving’s  ON/OFF show at London Fashion Week presented models resembling mutated cells, transforming on the catwalk and shedding their inflatable tentacles for sleeker under-layers. Alongside the extravagance, Richard Phillipart of The Boutique Atelier demonstrated the creative understanding and cohesion of their five year collaborative partnership at the event, suitably equipped by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris. 

Get the look


STEP ONE: Spray the roots with TECHNI.ART Pli, brush through and put in a clean centre part.

STEP TWO: Separate out two front sections and brush the hair back smoothly using TECHNI.ART Fix Design and secure in a low ponytail.

STEP THREE: Twist the lengths and pin into a tight chignon at the nape.

STEP FOUR: Take each front section and apply TECHNI.ART Fix Max gel using a brush and tint bowl.

STEP FIVE: Form the section into a marcel wave using your fingers and hold in place until set on the forehead.

STEP SIX: Finish by spraying with TECHNI.ART Six Fix and smooth any flyaways flat for a sleek finish.

Jack Irving AW22 model

Richard’s Top Tip

“Be sure you always carry a tint bowl & brush in your kit bag,” he advises. “This allows for serious gel application to create those intricate looks.”



Jack Irving LFW model side portrait
Jack Irving LFW model side portrait
Jack Irving LFW model side portrait

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