The perfect formula for gorgeous colour

With unlimited possibilities for colour creation, we take a closer look at the demi by Paul Mitchell

27 intermixable shades
Yes, you read that right! 27! These shades, including clear, make for a full spectrum of colours so every client will find a tone that suits them, be it a subtle sheen or a vivid hue.

Gel consistency
When the liquid colour is mixed into a gel, it will stay in place for added precision – ideal for bottle and brush application.

Gentle conditioning formula
Don’t compromise on condition – this deposit-only, no-ammonia colour cares for the hair leaving it feeling silky and strong.

Exceptional shine
By keeping the hair in optimum health, you’ve got the potential for maximum shine, giving hair a gloriously glossy finish.

The demi keeps hair looking rich and bright for four to six weeks.

Goodbye greys
It provides perfect coverage that blends even the most stubborn silver strands, while remaining gentle on mature or weakened hair.

Top coat
Even colour-shy clients will be won over by a glossy, clear top coat, which will intensely condition the hair and add shine.

Upgrade blondes
Offer an add-on service to refine light tones and give your clients the blonde they crave.

Refresh and renew
Bring faded colour back to life and add a boost of health to tired strands.

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