The (reimagined) Cindy swoosh

Zoë Irwin creates a fresh take on Crawford-esque volume with the ghd helios

“For this look, I wanted to look at volume within a blow dry, but to make it feel modern – it’s my take on what cool glamour looks like now,” says Zoë.

“By flipping the hair to the side, it retains that super-volume but with a bit of an edge. Volume is a continuous trend, so it was amazing to do a blow-dry which takes the trend but develops it, using the incredible technology within the helios. When it comes to volume, the amazing thing about the helios is the precision – when I focus on one section, the others aren’t moving. It’s precision blow-drying, from the hairline through each individual section.

“To create the look, I aimed the nozzle at the root, then moved up and around the brush to increase shine – then used the incredible setting power of the cool shot at the root to create volume. It’s inspired by classic ’90s supermodel swooshed hair, but it still feels modern.”



ghd Zoe Irwin