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You want your client to remember their visit for all the right reasons, so let TIGI and Most Wanted 2018 Best Salon Experience winner STIL guide you through the consultation process

It’s hard to pinpoint what sets a truly great salon experience apart from merely a good one. Is it the ambience? The refreshments? The skills of the staff? We put it down to attention to details – not letting anything slip through the net and ensuring an even spread of attention to every step of the client experience.

The launch of TIGI Copyright Care saw TIGI solidify a new brand identity that married its colour innovations with the styling products necessary to give clients a 360-degree service. It is a new, inclusive approach that prompted a fresh look at the TIGI Creative Consultation, designed to give salons the support they need to build those important client relationships.

And who better to collaborate with than Christel Lundqvist? As TIGI global creative technical director, she understands the TIGI style and mindset perfectly. As founder of STIL in Notting Hill – winner of the 2018 Most Wanted Award for Best Salon Experience (and 2019 finalist for the same category!) she has cracked the code on how to deliver an unforgettable experience to clients. Altogether, she’s a woman on a mission.

The introduction of the Creative Consultation concept has hit it out of the park when it comes to client feedback. Feeling more understood than ever, clients ad stylists are able to talk clearly and openly about what they want to achieve at each visit.

Offering a bespoke service is central to the TIGI philosophy and Copyright Education, and it all begins with the Creative Consultation. Achieving the look of your clients’ dreams is only possible when both parties are clear and transparent. Client expectations are hard to manage, we all know, but the training and structure of the Creative Consultation give you the guide you need to translate what they want into what’s possible. Christel helped to develop the concept of the Creative Consultation, particularly for her speciality blonde services, and the results speak for themselves. It supports her and her team in creating tailored services, which wins them awards and legions of fans.

Clear, uncomplicated communication – STIL and TIGI prove it doesn’t have to be hard.

“Since we introduced Creative Consultation in our salon we have noticed a boost in colour services. It has given us greater confidence to diagnose out clients as we are spending more time with them.”Robbie Robertson, Forresters, Reading

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Most Wanted Awards

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