The value of video in boosting retail success

After her video vent viral on Instagram, we spoke with Bethany Honey to hear why using video may be the secret tool to boosting haircare sales


“On my social media, I like to post a lot of hair-related videos, especially those focusing on products. While we’ve been in lockdown, I’ve loved creating step-by-step videos – as well as talking about products – and my followers have loved it too. I want the best for my clients’ hair and I want them to look after it, using the right products when not in the salon.

Everyone wants their hair to look thick and healthy, but some people don’t invest in hair products in the same way they would skincare. I think one of the most important things on your body is your hair, so it’s vital to share that product knowledge so your clients’ hair looks and feels amazing.

I decided to create the video using toast and the Neäl & Wølf GUARD Heat Protection Spray, as many people have said they don’t use heat protector as much as they should, but it’s such an important product to use.

I didn’t expect the video to take off as it did though! My clients are definitely my biggest fans, but I’ve gained lots of new followers who are hairdressers and the support has been amazing.

Since the video went viral, it’s also provided a great opportunity to build a community with other hairdressers. I’ve been able to help them with selling the heat protector, as well as other products too. Education is my passion – I have two apprentices who I have love teaching, and using video is a great way for them to learn and improve their confidence.

When it comes to engaging with followers, I find using videos where you are talking to the camera work well. Whether it’s an Instagram Live or an IGTV video, people love to see you, and it gives you the option to talk about a product in more detail than you may do in a caption. I do have my own unique way of explaining things, which can be quite funny, but I feel that viewers understand it more sometimes, rather than just using industry terms. Speaking on video is also a great way to build trust with your followers and clients – I wouldn’t speak about a product if I didn’t like it, and I am very passionate about the products I use, which definitely comes across.


My advice for any hairdressers looking to boost their following is to always be yourself. Be yourself in choosing content and when making videos – that’s what has seen my following soar. You’ve got to put the effort in, so remember to post daily. Then, if your video performs well, it’ll not only help  improve sales but also get you and your work seen. I’ve even had followers from Ireland messaging me to order products!”

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