The wonder wave

California luxe waves made easy, thanks to Zoë Irwin and ghd helios

“This look was influenced by a laid back, luxury wave,” said Zoë. “I was thinking about how we move with a dryer, twisting the brush as we work to create a leaner shape.

“It has a very LA feel; it’s the blow dry version of an undone tonged look. To create this style, I used a bristle brush and wrapped the hair around before working with the helios. I kept the nozzle facing down the cuticle – as you twist the brush, you follow around with the dryer; it’s a twist blow dry. When the section is dry, you take the brush out, unravelling as you blow. That creates this lean, soft, natural wave.

“The great thing about the helios is that it has incredible setting power, enabling you to do flash cooling. And once you’ve heated hair, the faster you take it back to cold, the better it sets. That’s the method I used for this look, and the helios cold shot button is fantastic for this.”



ghd Zoe Irwin