They’ve got the power! Pulp Riot artists get creative on set

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Nine fearless artists. Nine epic looks. New live streamed event ‘Powered By Pulp Riot’ brought creativity to the fore on 1st August 2021

On Sunday, some of the UK’s most Insta-popular hairdressers showed just what Pulp Riot products are capable of during a two-part colour spectacular streamed live and direct from West London. ‘Powered By Pulp Riot’ – produced in partnership with Creative HEAD – was the first multi-platform event for the brand, and featured a glimpse at nine stylists and colourists crafting looks in real time, while they shared personal insights into their process on their own social media.

Photos of the Pulp Riot Artists at the 'Powered By Pulp Riot' event, arranged in a heart shape

Hosted by Pulp Riot UK‘s education and communications manager Adam Stockton, the day began with an introduction to the nine creatives, who each put their unique spin on Pulp Riot’s unapologetic approach to colour artistry.

As artists set to work on their models, Adam chatted with them individually about their outlook on colour, their typical clientele, as well as the inspiration behind their look. After their on-camera check in, the pros went live on their own Instagram or TikTok accounts for 20 minutes, walking their followers through the techniques and products they were using.

Following a two hour interval – soundtracked by multi-talented Pulp Riot artist and DJ Ben Aldridge – the stream resumed. During the break, colour processing finished and models’ hair was styled, ready for the artists to show off the results.

Check out the incredible final looks below, along with the formulas used to create each shade

A model with long, vibrant orange hair. Coloured by Laura May Stevens at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

– Globally pre lightened with Blonde AF and 20 vol – 1:1.5
– Sections from roots to mid-lengths coloured with a mix of Countess and Fireball (1:1) with a little bit of Absinthe
– Ends coloured with equal parts of Lemon and Fire Fly (1:1) with Fireball added in to create an orange

A model with hair in a bob style coloured with a blue gradient. Coloured by Jaymz Marsters at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

– Roots to mid-lengths coloured with a mix of Tragic and Decoy (1:1)
– Mid-lengths coloured with Mercury
– Ends coloured with Decoy

A model with long, bright pink hair. Coloured by Heffy Wheeler at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

Alternating sections coloured with:
– A lilac made from a Mercury and Blush mix (1:1)
– A vibrant pink created with a Cupid and Cleopatra mix (1:1)

A model with very short rainbow coloured hair. Coloured by Christabel Legrand at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

Coloured in alternating rings for a tie dye effect. Colours used (all mixed with a touch of Mercury for a muted finish):
– Lemon
– Sea Glass
– Blue Muse
– Cupid
– Mercury
– Clear

A male model with short, bleached, cool-toned hair. Coloured by Jess Cruz at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

– Globally lightened using Blonde AF and 20 vol – 1:1.5
– Toned using Moonstone & 6 vol – 1:5

A model with mid-length, straight, dark hair and a bold orange and green coloured fringe. Coloured by Pedro Plastic at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

– Green sections across the centre of the head coloured using Area 51
– Rose gold slices coloured using a mix of Cleopatra and Blush (1:1)
– Peach blonde face frame coloured using a mix of Lemon and Blush (3:1)

A model with blonde hair in a bob style with multiple braids sweeping across her face. Coloured and styled by Stephanie Anne Darbyshire at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

– Blonde toned using Icy High Speed Toner
– Braided in zip, figure of eight and five-strand styles using medium-hold gel

A model with long, copper coloured hair styled in ‘70s face-framing waves. Coloured by Sarah Black at the Powered By Pulp Riot event

– Globally lightened using Clay Lightener and 10 vol – 1:1
– Coloured using a combination of Liquid Demi shades; straight 7.4 and 7.4 with the .33 booster and .44 booster


– Lifted using Blonde AF and 20 vol
– Globally toned using Icy High Speed Toner
– Sections coloured using Neon Yellow, Cupid, new shade Nuclear from the Neo Pop range, and Noir on the ‘racoon stripe’


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