Three steps to take for a more sustainable industry

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Treatwell has partnered with South Pole to implement sustainable practices with every online booking 

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Treatwell has embarked on a three-step sustainability commitment to play its part in the fight against climate change. This will begin by offsetting one kilogram of CO2 per each online booking, on behalf of its users. There is also a further commitment to measuring its carbon footprint, which will also include an educational program for its salon partners. Ultimately, the hope is this will encourage salon owners to adopt more sustainable business practices going forward. 

As the world’s leading climate solutions provider and carbon project developer, partnering with South Pole means that Treatwell will be using high quality carbon credits; a kind of permit that represents one ton of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere, purchased by an individual or company to make up for carbon dioxide emissions that come from industrial production. Treatwell will also be taking company level actions to decarbonise its own operations. 

Treatwell climate journey

According to recent statistics, an average beauty treatment equates to the release of approximately five kilograms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. These estimates*, provided by South Pole, are what helped Treatwell kickstart its climate journey. By investing in South Pole’s Guinea Bissau REDD+ project, this kickstarts a largescale mission to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as providing meaningful support to the heavily impacted, vulnerable communities due to the climate crisis.  

The project empowers communities to come together and maintain the country’s natural ecosystems, with the aim to pull the breaks on deforestation, generate sustainable lifestyles, improve food security and alleviate poverty. 

Treatwell climate journey

“As a leading player of an industry where the impact on the planet, in terms of water, energy and waste is not negligible anymore, our commitment to take concrete action is our pledge to a sustainable future,” says Treatwell CEO, Giampiero Marinò. “We perceive this as a great responsibility and that is why we are happy to take this investment on behalf of our users and salon partners so that they can feel proud of being part of the change.” 

As part of the education initiative, Treatwell will also be encouraging open, transparent conversations about their own climate journey, as well as providing salon partners with practical advice on working more sustainably and encouraging climate action and best practices for reducing waste and carbon emissions in the most suitable way for their business.  

*From EPA: with an emission factor of 0.148kg/USD, a beauty treatment service of average 30€ = 5kg of CO2 

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