Time to shine

Time is of the essence this winter. New LumiShine LUMI10 Color by JOICO is the ace up your sleeve to shave precious minutes off colour appointments

Even immaculate planning for the Christmas period can come undone with a few badly timed coincidences. Unplanned walk-ins, staff shortages, clients who change their mind about the services they want… time is money, and every second counts!

That is why the launch of new LumiShine LUMI10 Color from JOICO is timed to perfection, arriving to help you speed through colour appointments with ease. This fast-acting range of rich and deeply pigmented shades provides 100 per cent grey coverage in just 10 minutes while also delivering that signature JOICO LumiShine shine:

Ideal for…

  • Fitting more clients into your column
  • Minimising person-to-person contact time
  • Offering a speedy alternative for root touch-ups
  • A fast colour option for unexpected walk-ins

Fast and Fabulous

It’s a double-whammy of a new fast-acting activator and a formula with the trademarked JOICO Quick Coverage System, featuring concentrated pigments for immediate colour deposit on the hair. With 100 per cent grey coverage and up to two-times the shine* in just 10 minutes, you can live life in the fast lane with these vibrant shades. The colour formula is packed full of nourishing ingredients, meaning you can colour skilfully at speed. Each shade is formulated with an ultra-high concentration of conditioners to ensure hair is nourished and protected

The exclusive Quadramine Complex from JOICO, a blend of proteins low in both molecular size and weight, adheres quickly to each strand to help reconstruct hair from cuticle to cortex.


A supercharged range of permanent colour, with all the magic of the LumiShine LUMI10 range, in half the time.

100 per cent grey coverage in just 10 minutes thanks to the Quick Coverage System and concentrated dye molecules, when activated by the LUMI10 Accelerator.

Supercharged formula with a higher concentration of signature JOICO conditioners to help nourish and protect the hair.

Bond-building ArgiPlex helps to protect hair with arginine, an amino acid crucial for hair health and strength.

The dedicated LUMI10 Accelerator is pumped up with an extra 0.6% of peroxide (compared with traditional 20 vol developers).

Works with LUMI10 Color to deliver complete coverage at warp speed – just 10 minutes.

Mix at a 1:1 ratio with LUMI10 Color. Not recommended with heat, not recommended to use with another volume developer.

*Versus untreated, damaged hair

10 clients. 10 minutes. 10 ways to help increase your revenue.

JOICO is here to help you use LUMI10 to its full potential, with 10 characters who would all be ideal LUMI10 customers.

From young to old, walk-ins or long-term clients, LUMI10 Color can make your life easier in so many ways. See joico.eu to discover the 10 ways that it can help.

Score 10/10 with clients with JOICO LumiShine LUMI10 Color and Accelerator. For more information, visit joico.eu

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