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Hair trends don’t exist in a vacuum. Drawing on wider beauty movements and influences, Outliers shares with you an insight into where the future of haircare is heading…

Last year saw macro trends from the wider beauty space really make their presence known in hair. Now more than ever, consumers are super-savvy about beauty, with better understanding of techniques, formulations and ingredients, thanks to the likes of beauty bloggers such as skincare guru Caroline Hirons, Reddit subthreads on the minutiae of formulas, and community-led beauty sites such as Into The Gloss. Salons need to keep up or run the risk of such clients opting to visit nimble online retailers and digital brands.

The pressure is on for brands to ensure that the products and services they’re supplying to salons also hit the mark for the beauty-literate consumer. Redken is leading the pack thanks to a hard-working R&D department headed by Shane Wolf. As worldwide general manager of Redken, he’s overseen all of the biggest launches in recent years, including the Color Extend Blondage and Graydiant haircare ranges – developed in response to hairdressers’ requests – and the Clean Maniac range that utilises skincare staple micellar water. From the rise of South Korean beauty we’ve seen the All Soft Mega Sheet Mask for hair; and in response to the next generation-natural looks on the catwalk, we saw No Blow Dry Creams emerge, guided by Guido.

But joining the dots to predict what will be on trend in months, if not years, is a tricky business. Outliers consulted Sarirah Hamid, creator of independent beauty trend insight and creative forecasting service Pretty Analytics, which has built a system that monitors quantitative data across the web and social media to see what is being – or will be – talked about. Here are four main growth areas identified for hair…


Skincare-inspired ingredients

‘Skincare for hair’ is set to grow even more. Formulations and ingredients usually found in our skincare routines are working their way into shampoos, treatments and serums. This includes transformative textures, such as gel to oil, ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, superfoods and plant waters, as well as food-based proteins such as egg and quinoa. We’ve already seen evidence of these new and unusual textures beginning to take hold of the market. The new Redken Dry Texturising collection features on-trend, mattifying charcoal in lightweight hold formulas for a barely-there, lived-in feel.

New naturals

Consumers are increasingly researching more sustainable or natural versions of their favourite products. Arriving later this year, the Natural Sciences range will join the ongoing conversation about the need for more eco-friendly formulas by offering a more natural and gentle alternative to Redken’s range of hero haircare products.


Celebrating individuality

Personalisation and individuality is predicted to weigh heavily in haircare over the next five years, according to data from Pretty Analytics. There has already been great growth in this sector, with new products emerging that address more specific and niche hair concerns, rather then simply offering clients a catch-all solution. Redken’s best-selling Color Extend range has helped pave the way, offering a much more tailored approach to different hair colours and types.


Weather-proof beauty

Personalisation also looks at consumer needs based on their lifestyle choices and living environments. The concept of  ‘weather-proof beauty’ is a newly emerging trend and looks at how factors such as high humidity, strong dry winds, hard water or even pollution can affect us on a daily basis. Redken is on the ball with this, primed to launch its revamped Frizz Dismiss range.

Landing in March, the range is designed to target issues faced in wet weather, humidity and hot/dry climates. It provides frizz control and smoothing for all hair types and is formulated with sustainably sourced babassu oil. And speaking of heat, look out for new Redken Playsafe for Extreme heat protection, launching later this year!

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