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by | 4 Jan 2023

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Discover how Überliss is breaking the mould with its patented technology and three-step bond system

Bond building treatments are the best insurance policy for your clients’ hair. From colour to intense heat styling, there are many ways hair can become damaged and fragile, but the right bond building treatment system can actually help leave hair looking better than before they set foot in the salon. Enter Überliss! Arriving on UK shores for 2023, it’s already made huge waves in the US and South America, winning thousands of fans with its uncomplicated and hugely effective treatments.

The Überliss Bond Treatment is a three-step process to help your clients to retain significant hair elasticity and condition, even when paired with intense colour work. Better yet, there’s no need to change developer, and there’s no change to the processing time. Discover the magic of the three-step Überliss Bond Treatment…

Step one: Bond Regenerator

Überliss Bond Regenerator contains the highest concentration of Überliss’ patented* Sub-Micron Crosslinking Technology, which actively seeks out broken bonds to repair. Designed to regenerate bonds in damaged hair fibres during lightening and colour services, it leaves hair in even better condition than before processing.

Step two: Bond Shampoo

The sulphate-free Überliss Bond Shampoo preps the hair to help lock in the results of the Bond Regenerator. Where other sulphatefree shampoos may erase any colour protection benefits, this is calibrated to leave hair vibrant and strong.

Step three: Bond Amplifier

Überliss Bond Amplifier is then used toreinforce the newly formed bonds after lightener or colour is rinsed out, helping to reduce hair porosity and eliminate damage from combing. This cream-based conditioner contains the same active compound found in the Bond Regenerator, layering that protection.

Überliss bond treatment has no:

  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Peroxides
  • MEA
  • PPD
  • Ammonia
  • Phthalates

It’s also cruelty-free and gluten-free! Hair elasticity increases to 114 per cent when the full bond system is added to standard lighteners.


What makes Überliss so special?

The active ingredient in the Überliss Bonding System is the Sub-Micron Crosslinking Technology – a patented, acid-free, liquid emulsion that doesn’t neutralise alkaline powder lighteners or colour ingredients, and instead quickly creates crosslinks to generate new bonds in damaged hair fibres during the colouring and lightening process, and even adds a layer of insurance to help prevent future breakage.

This unique technology uses particles that are so incredibly small that they can easily penetrate the hair fibre to actively repair them, adding unprecedented strength to lengths both during and after colour services. The nano-lipids – much smaller, more intense particles than most brands use – also add incredible moisture and smoothing properties to treated hair. It supercharges lighteners already containing ‘plex’ technology, increasing hair fibre elasticity by 22 per cent, and by up to 30 per cent when added to permanent colour.

Not all hair and scalps present at the expected pH of 5 to 5.8, often due to lifestyle, health, or previous treatments. But the Überliss Bonding Treatment has a magical ability to bring both the hair and scalp back to the normal pH level, to help to improve the hair’s condition. From initial colour services to daily hair fatigue caused by combing, brushing and styling, the Überliss Bond System offers supreme protection and care.

Call 0121 522 2124 to find out more about Überliss.

Or visit avloneurope.co.uk/uberliss or email info@uberliss.co.uk @uberliss

*European Patent Office, patent number EP3402575


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