“This collection was a titanic project – a vision made real! I pinpointed specific hair textures I wanted to include and specific regions of the world I wanted to reference, but I also wanted to use the six main colours we encounter everyday as my backdrop.

I decided not to include any wardrobe because I didn’t want to distract from the beauty of the women, the power of the coloured backdrops and, of course, all the different techniques that we used to colour, cut, style and create.

“This collection is my way of paying tribute to those that touched my heart or opened my mind at some point in my life. As a result, it almost took three years to shoot it in a way I was 100% happy with. I felt it was my turn to give something back  – something strong and current, something human that would inspire others, and something to help keep the world full of colours and love.”

Michaelangelo’s inspirational quartet:

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald – “A German chemist who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1909, but also created the ‘colour atlas’ that hairdressers use everyday.”
  • Mihaela Noroc – “A photographer from Romania and her amazing portrait project The Atlas Of Beauty, which celebrates the beauty of everyday women across the globe.”
  • Michael Jackson – “His song ‘Another Part of Me’ has lyrics that emphasise global unity, love and outreach. Messages and themes that I wanted to embody in this collection.”
  • Zeo Baldi, Martial Cognard and the Toni&Guy family – “I am the hairdresser who I am today because them.”

Creative direction and hair: Michaelangelo Marenco using label.m and Wella
Make-up: Lorianne Leger and Qin Huo
Photography: Kay Smith
Graphics: Marco Miraglia