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Vish software cuts down on time and product waste for busy colourists, powering the best colour results for happier clients and less stressed colour creators…

Vish colour management software

What grinds your gears as a colourist? The pressure to mix the right amount for each service and stressing over surplus? Stepping away to mix more – just when you’re getting into the groove? Hoping you won’t forget to bill an extra service? What about that hair mask that made a client’s colour pop last time – it’s on the tip of your tongue, right?

Take a deep, cleansing breath because Vish has got your back. Not just a colour waste-killer and salon revenue booster – although both make the innovative colour management software a lifesaver – Vish loves the stylist too! With Vish at your fingertips you’ll feel more in control, more confident in your colouring… and you’ll have more satisfied, happy colour clients!

Paint by numbers…

Vish helps stylists craft colour creations that get clients beaming. Got a regular who wants the same colour? Easy-to-use Vish can recreate the exact shade they loved last time. It also lets stylists change hues subtly, putting a stop to stagnation. Think of Vish as your back-up memory, storing the vital details so you don’t have to, whether it’s that perfect candlelit brunette formula or a super-shiny toning service. Just watch the teardrop graphic fill as colour is added to the bowl. Right on the money, it measures the exact quantities needed.

Better services and boosted profits

Inevitability, a handful of clients won’t always be enamoured with their colour – and that’s life. But Vish lets stylists review the formula to investigate, keeping you service-focused, always. Using Vish also means stylists won’t over-apply colour, which can undermine the result. If a service requires more, it alerts the front desk to add the extra charge, keeping services profitable. Having Vish in your salon can help create a dream team of colourists, creating better customer experiences. Vish isn’t just about reducing colour waste, it prevents wasted time for colourists, who can get on with creating colour results that thrill.

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