Ways to support staff wellbeing according to a salon owner


One salon owner that’s leading the way with this concept is Cally Borg of Cally Borg Hair. “We all know, to be at our best, we need to be balanced in health and mind,” explains Cally, a champion of staff wellbeing.

But with the cost of living crisis to contend with, not to mention navigating the aftermath of Covid-19, sometimes retaining a sense of wellbeing can be difficult. Employers can really help with this by creating a calm and supportive working environment, where staff wellbeing is a priority.

“For me, I promote a ‘lifestyle business’ and I know that if I want to get the best out of my staff, they need to be inspired, feel valued and have a good work/life balance,” Cally tells us.

In light of World Wellbeing Week, we asked Cally about the different processes she’s put in place to help foster a healthy environment for staff. 

4 ways to boost workplace wellbeing

1. Be flexible with hours

I allow my staff to pick their own hours, along with a long weekend off every other week, which I really feel helps keep the balance and avoid burning out.

2. Encourage a healthy mindset

I encourage my staff to consistently work on their mindset and self-belief, working on our mental health just as much as our practical skills and training.

3. Keep checking in

We will have frequent meetings to check in on how they feel at work, identifying and finding ways to minimise stress wherever possible.

4. Arrange special treats

I also took Polly, my senior stylist, to a spa to work on our twelve-month mission. We spent the morning working on self-development and setting our goals, then the afternoon working on our self-care by relaxing in the spa followed by some treatments. She was so motivated and appreciative. It was the talk of the salon for weeks after!


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