Welcome to the playground!

Take a look back behind the scenes at our January cover shoot,  where cool colourists from four of the UK’s most iconic salon groups got creative and were among the first to play with new-look Majirel…

The Iconic Salon:
Charlie Miller Hairdressing
The Colourist:
Amber Swift

“Our inspiration is this 1970s, bourgeois, tweed-wearing girl, draped in great textures and warm colours,” says Amber. “We want to showcase the vibrancy of the copper against the clothes, using offset triangular sections to really show off the colour work.”

“What makes Charlie Miller an iconic brand? I think it’s the heritage, and the fact that we all work as one big family – that we’re constantly encouraged to be creative, to be inventive.”

“My iconic Majirel clients are the Morningsiders – that’s the posh part of Edinburgh,” she adds. “They’re quite glam, from kids right up to older ladies. They’re quite traditional, might be four of five generations of the family that’s been coming to Charlie Miller.”

Icon? Want one!
“A moped! I think that’d be pretty fun to zip around Edinburgh.”

It’s play time – what was your favourite playground game?
“Witch’s hat. I loved that because you didn’t know when you were going to fall off…!”

The Iconic Salon: Sally Montague Hair Group
The Colourist: Angel Montague-Sayers

“We’re going for a cool, really fresh palette, using the new Cool Inforced shades from Majirel,” Angel explains. “I do have a bit of a love for that late ‘70s punky blonde – that whole carefree style with a bit of a raw finish. My blonde is channelling that but with a quite soft feeling, a little more editorial.

“I feel like an iconic blonde is elegant, really confident, constantly playing along her line of tone, rather than changing colour every time. Her hair is well conditioned and super shiny. A cool blonde? She’s carefree, constantly mixing things up, playing with different blonde palettes.”

“At Sally Montague Hair Group, we really love beautiful hair, and we’re also all about the client experience,” she adds. “As a brand, we want to create a luxury environment where women can just come in, relax and be themselves. We aim to create a really special treat.”

Icon? Want one!
“I’d want an iconic fedora hat please. They look amazing on anyone!”

It’s play time – what was your favourite playground game?

The Iconic Salon: Jo Hansford Salon
The Colourist: Taylor Ward

“I wanted a true mocha brown, both cool and warm blended together, and that’s really hard to get right,” say Taylor. “The iconic brunette is a very strong woman, very fashionable and very glamorous, and I want to capture that.”

“What makes the Jo Hansford brand so iconic?” she ponders. “Well, Jo! She’s in the salon every day, and she still trains all of us. Our consultations are in depth; we really think about what the client wants and needs, and also what we can advise and achieve.”

Icon? Want one!
“I’d love an iconic, and very expensive, handbag. Vintage preferably please!”

It’s play time – what was your favourite playground game?
“Kiss chase! I like to run…”

The Iconic Salon: Charles Worthington Salons
The Colourist: Katie Hale

“Pearly rose is everywhere at the moment!” Says Katie. “The fringe on the look we’re going for is more of a bold statement, a bit more dramatic, with a softer effect at the back. We wanted a real luminosity.”

“The Charles Worthington brand has been going for 32 years now,” Katie adds, “and I think what makes us very iconic is that we’ve always been a very classic salon, but with an edgy twist. We are a house of colour experts, we do in depth colour consultations, we have a colour fan that determines whether you are a cool or a warm shade. We are very much an affordable, but classic luxury, salon.”

Icon? Want one!
“I’d like my own private island! Does that make me sound a bit like a loner?”

It’s play time – what was your favourite playground game?
“Hopscotch! I loved the energy that came with it”