Halfords Hair Studio run by four generations  

Halfords Salon interior

Irish salons are often family affairs, but a fourth-generation manager is something special. Maeve Halford is celebrating her business’s centenary in Gorey, Co. Wexford this year and still loves seeing her father, Sean, and mother, Kay, at work. “He has amazing stories and many of our clients knew him before they did me. It’s a very special thing to run a salon in which people can feel part of our family.” 
Sean is proud of his grandfather’s legacy and how his daughter preserves it while growing their business. “Leo Halford could never have imagined, when he started a barbershop and ladies’ hairdressers in 1923, that 100 years later his great granddaughter Maeve would be running the business.  

Halford salon Maeve Halford

Maeve Halford

Halford salon Sean Halford

Sean Halford

Halford salon kay Halford

Kay Halford

“Halfords has survived wars, numerous recessions and more recently Covid. I think the main reason for this is that we are all very involved in and committed to our local community, where most of our clients are based.  We will always need our customers heads to run our business, figuratively and literally.” 

The Halford family extended their sincere thanks to their dedicated team and loyal customers in a statement and looks forward to a year of celebrations to mark their business’s centenary.