As spring and summer approach, we consulted some hair pros for their predictions on what hues are on the horizon 

Safy B blonde balayage


New season, new me? With warmer climates on the horizon, it seemed only right that we ask some industry professionals to look into their colour-trend crystal ball and predict what shades might be hot this season. Will clients be embracing the naturals or signing up for a fiesta of fun? 

According to colour experts, various blondes and brunettes are some of the biggest colour trends, but we can certainly be expecting clients to be experimenting with the tones and shades.

Lesley Farrell of F&M Hairdressing claims “2023 is the year where everything goes lighter and brighter.” Lesley predicts colour palettes will be softer and paired back for the upcoming months. “For those who like something a little softer, caramel balayage will be a huge trend towards spring, with strawberry blonde being the must-have blonde of the year,” she says.  

Expert colourist and salon owner Safy B is also warming things up for her clients. “It’s time to think ahead to summer,” she states. “A rich, warm golden glow is what blondes are after this year. Gorgeous honey blondes, subtle but full of warmth.” 

Tracey Ann Smith blonde client

Images: @tannsmithhairartist

JOICO colour ambassador Dan Spiller is already surfing the new season wave. “Imagine a mix of honeybee, caramel and a little bit of cream soda all in one” Dan says, though some of his clients are keeping it cool with ‘Barbiecore’ blonde inspiration. “It’s California-inspired with lots of lighter tones. These creamy blondes will consist of two or three shades, enabling the light to reflect and give the most beautiful sheen.”  

Similarly, Tracey Ann Smith, ASP global ambassador and owner of French & Ivi, feels that cream is the colour trend of the year. “Creamy blondes with multi-blend shades will be the trend throughout the next 12 months, giving high shine with lots of gorgeous light reflections. I see a shift coming with colourists using more high lift shades and level nine and 10 shades.”

JOICO sized image

JOICO with colour by Dan Spiller

On the opposite end of the colour spectrum, brunettes are going to see some shade switch-ups.  

Dan Spiller predicts ‘candlelit brunette’ while Tracey Ann Smith has a taste for ‘cinnamon brunette’.  “The addition of auburn throughout and red muted tones will transform brunettes, having this warm undertone is the coveted look,” she explains. “For those clients who want to keep their brunette locks subtle, it will be all about the high shine and luxurious feel. Achieve this with deep, rich chocolate shades and high gloss. This optimises luxury hair,” Tracey adds.  

According to Kirsty Judge of the RUSH Colour Team, warm mocha will be the shade of choice. “It is very commercial and a trend that is everlasting and very classic. Tailored to most skin tones, the look can be adapted for those who prefer something rich, with depth, or can be toned down to suit the client’s complexion and skin tone,” she says. “We are now seeing reds become a favourite with clients. Bright reds, such as fire engine red, berry and mandevilla red are popular. However, for those wanting a more subtle red in their life, the likes of cool copper, copper skillet and amber glow will be the colours of choice. These are much more muted shades and very subtle for clients who want a colour change, but not overly drastic or bright.” 

Kirsty Judge red hair
Kirsty Judge copper hair

Images: @kirstyjudgehair

So, we can confirm that vivid is still valid! If your clients are still looking for that striking colour, expect reds and perhaps…green? “Of course, with colour trends there has to be a vivid trend,” says Safy B, who is no stranger to adding a pop of colour.Green will make a real statement this year. From bright and beautiful to a soft pastel tone, you will see inspiration varying from jewelled green to mint green.”