When the colour stars align

Take your colour creations to new horizons with the Interstellar Collection from Pulp Riot

As colourists working with a broad spectrum of techniques, tones and styles on a daily basis, it’s important to work with products which can help to enhance your work, as well as providing endless options for clients looking to experiment with their look.

As the newest series in the Faction8 line-up in the U.K, the new Interstellar Collection from Pulp Riot provides a range of must-have deposit-only colours, designed to help expand your artistry even further. The Faction8 Interstellar Collection features 8 new shades, including; violet, pink, copper, light grey, dark grey, and blue green and medium grey.

Created with artists in mind, the highly versatile range allows you to alter how much developer is used – perfect for creating pastels, metallics and much, much more! For eye catching metallic blues or burnished coppers use 1:1, for lighter soft pastel greys or pinks you can use 1:2.

I am incredibly honoured to be a part of this, you canreallyrethink what is possible. I designed this to help expand your artistryeven further. I hope you guys have as much fun using these shades as I did making them.Doug Theo, creator of the Interstellar Collection

With Pulp Riot colour, the possibilities are endless – you can also mix Interstellar with all of Pulp Riot High Speed toners, and the rest of the Faction8 range. The consistency of the colours is great for using with modern-day and in-demand techniques, making the perfect blend so much easier to achieve. The creative freedom on offer is unrivalled, giving you total control and the opportunity to have serious fun with the work you create.

All Pulp Riot products are vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Its quinoa-based formula is packed with moisture and protein, so the hair feels super nourished, even if its feeling a little fragile.

Interstellar is currently available at Salons Direct, Capital Hair & Beauty, & Alan Howard. In store and online. Be sure to also check out our Awesome FREE education offering! Direct message us on Instagram on or email us at pulprioteducation@loreal.comfor 1-1 Facetime Education with a pulp riot UK artist.


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