Why enter MWIT22? Our 2021 winners will tell you …

by | 22 Feb 2022

Are you sitting on the fence about entering awards? Lack of time… low priority… it’s easy to file competitions under ‘nice but not necessary’, however, have you considered the true impact of taking part?

For more than two decades of Most Wanted and 12 years of the It List, Creative HEAD’s award-winners have gone on to achieve great things – like opening second businesses, increasing clientele, signing with global agencies, representing leading brands, picking up personal promotions and much more. But aside from the tangible results winning can reap, there is also a marked emotional benefit. Boosting self-confidence, reflecting on obstacles overcome, affirmation of achievements – all this is vital and valuable for personal and career-orientated progression.

Soak up what some of our 2021 winners had to say about going for MWIT!

Putting yourself in for Most Wanted is exposing… you learn a lot about yourself. When you go through the process of it, I’ve found we’ve had to look far more internally than we ever have done beforeMurray McRae, director, Stag Barber Co

You’ll never get to where you want being an average Joe. You’ve got to push yourself and, okay, sometimes it’s a little bit uncomfortable and you do have that negative energy saying you’re not good enough, but who is good enough? You’re never going to know unless you push yourself, so go and do it!Brooke Evans, owner BE Ironbridge

I mean, I opened my Instagram, my emails… it was buzzing. A couple days after as well I had a massive promotion with the company – I became the creative director of Trevor SorbieGiuseppe Stelitano, creative director, Trevor Sorbie

The awards give credit to what we do every day in our lives – it’s not one moment, it’s not one photo shoot… Who are you as a person, what are you giving back to the industry, and what are you achieving? No other awards can really say that, in this way Sophia Hilton, founder, Not Another

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