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Put an end to colour correction nightmares with Zalon Colour Remover

We’ve all been there. Your colour client walks through the door and a shiver runs down your spine as it’s immediately obvious that the transformation process isn’t going to be as straightforward as you’d hoped. You break into a cold sweat and glance in a panic towards the shelves – please say there’s something there that can help?!

For vampires there’s garlic. Werewolves? A silver bullet. And for colour corrections, you need Zalon to keep monstrous situations at bay. Formulated to quickly and easily remove colour from the hair without the need for bleach, even the scariest of box dye blunders can be laid to rest rapidly:

  • Zalon is bleach and ammonia-free, meaning colour removal will cause no damage to the hair
  • Only 30 minutes of processing time is needed
  • The simple three-step process reverses the colour oxidisation process by shrinking synthetic pigment molecules, allowing them to escape the cuticle and be washed away
  •  This action doesn’t touch or lift the underlying natural colour of the hair
  • 100% vegan, the formula is infused with argan oil to condition and add shine

For a chance to win one of three Zalon bundles worth £50 – containing both a salon sized pack (5 applications) and a single use product trio – simply enter your details in the form below, along with a sentence or two about your SCARIEST colour correction encounter. Are you haunted by a client whose at-home brunette came out green, or perhaps a you’ve witnessed a patchy attempt at a shadow root that would give colour technicians across the land nightmares?

Entries close at 12pm GMT on Monday, 1st November 2021. This competition is open to hairdressing professionals in the UK and ROI ONLY. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

(A sentence or two will do!)

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Most Wanted Awards


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