Worth the wait: part two

by | 1 Oct 2020

Fans of professional colour were desperate to get back into salons after lockdown. In a survey of UK women, 73 per cent of those who usually have salon colour were bothered they couldn’t get their hair done, but only 18 per cent said they would attempt it themselves.* It was clear clients would wait for your expertise – and these colourists share how they garner fervent followings 

Davina’s Hair Salon, Glasgow (@davinas_hair_salon)

“You simply can’t achieve the salon look at home with a box dye. Almost 90 per cent of our clients waited to see us, as much as it drove them crazy,” says Davina Anderson. “That’s why they come to us in the first place. We’ve been fully booked since, and it’s been amazing helping people to feel like a million dollars again. 

“A lot of ladies are embracing their natural highlights and colour – and that’s where Shades EQ has been so fantastic. Because of the glossing properties they never feel like they’ve committed too much to a colour. We’ve seen a lot of blondes wanting to play with colour, such as a copper or a pink – it’s really encouraged them to try something different.  

“I’ve used all sorts of colour brands, but Redken Color Gels Lacquers and Shades EQ are a match made in heaven. The shine that they both give is just magic. It’s called the technique perfector for a reason, they both work so well together.” 

Terri Gilham Hair Spa, Ashford (@terrigilhamhairspa)

“We made sure we kept in touch with our guests throughout lockdown – lots of how-to videos, advice on root sprays, how to do a zig-zag parting, just to make sure that they were
not playing with colour themselves,” reveals Terri Gilham. “We wanted to help them as much as possible.  

“Color Gels Lacquers makes it so easy for us to be creative with our work. The liquid texture makes it effortless to apply, and it’s not too thick like other permanent colours I’ve tried. The Gels are just so shiny, not many permanent colours can offer you that kind of shine – to the point where people looking at the hair would never assume they have permanent colour on their hair. There’s no colour distortion when you go from Gels to Shades EQ, so we can create a seamless blend. 

“I’m so happy the 010Gi shade is finally here. I’ve seen so many formulas in the US that used it, and I’ve become completely obsessed.” 

Avail Hair and Beauty, Avoca Rathcoole, Co. Dublin (availhairandbeauty)

 “We are all about connecting mind, body and soul. We are all so busy that I wanted to create a space where people could relax, confident that they are in the best possible hands,” says Avail’s Jill Keogh. “Our location is a beautiful Zen space, full of natural light to achieve the perfect colour match. 

“Our passion is colour – the right hue can totally change a person’s looks. I love to see clients walk out feeling more confident in themselves, knowing their hair health is not jeopardised in any way.  

“Redken focuses on always keeping the hair in its best condition. The results we achieve are nothing short of amazing – the colours do exactly what they say they will. Shades EQ is extremely popular, with something to suit every style. It gives amazing shine, tones and depth – I think of it as a hair colour that thinks it’s a nourishing hair treatment.” 

MD Beauty Lounge, Glasgow (@md_beautylounge)

“Having a great relationship with our guests and really striving to offer a truly personal service is key to our business,” says James Horn of MD Beauty Lounge. “It’s less about what the client has booked, and more about working towards an evolving desired look. We have secured real, strong bonds with our long-established guests, which helped us bounce back quickly.  

“We are well-known for our blends and balayage and, with their extended roots, more traditional highlight clients have opted to transition into a blend with that all-important money piece at the front. Having Redken Shades EQ and Color Gels Lacquers at our fingertips is a beautiful synergy, it’s the perfect match every stylist needs at their disposal. Being able to offer old highlights a new lease of life by combining a seamless blend of Color Gels Lacquers with Shades EQ is not just a timesaver but a lifesaver.” 

*Study investigating salon and hairdressing services in the past 12 months among a nationally representative sample of 1017 UK women aged 16-74. Conducted by 2CV Research between 26 March and 2 April 2020, courtesy of L’Oréal Professional Products Division, including brands L’Oréal ProfessionnelRedkenKérastase and Matrix 

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