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by | 1 Oct 2020

Fans of professional colour were desperate to get back into salons after lockdown. In a survey of UK women, 73 per cent of those who usually have salon colour were bothered they couldn’t get their hair done, but only 18 per cent said they would attempt it themselves.* It was clear clients would wait for your expertise – and these colourists share how they garner fervent followings 


ELF Hair Studio, Ashford (@elfhairstudio)

 “I got my own space a couple of weeks before lockdown – it was so scary,” says ELF Hair Studio’s Emma Flagg. “But now I’m back and fully booked for the rest of the year; I saw the downtime as a really good opportunity to embrace this new adventure. 

“97 per cent of my clients waited for me – I felt like a proud mum! The shine you get from the Color Gels Lacquers and Shades EQ is second to none. What I love about them is that everything looks very natural; it’s an effortless grow-out. It’s really changed my work, I love it. For a lot of my blonde work I use 09AA and 08C which is copper – people are really shocked, but I use a lot of warmth to make them creamy.” 


Deesh Dhindsa Hair, Derby (@deeshdhindsahair)

“Everything that we’re trying to do is natural, not too artificial or against a client’s natural colouring, so it’s got more longevity,” reveals Deesh Dhindsa. “Even if they had greys starting to come through, it’s designed in a way that it still blends nicely with their colour. 

“It’s all in the application. Redken Color Gels Lacquers and Shades EQ are just so good to apply; the gel consistency makes them easily spreadable and it penetrates a lot better, so you’re achieving a more even colour throughout. A lot of permanent colours are quite matte, but with the Color Gels Laquers you still get all of that shine to give continuous gloss all the way through. 

“With Shades EQ I really love to intermix shades and personalise for your client – and when you’re explaining that to the client it helps you make them feel so special as well.” 

The Parlour, Jersey (@theparlour_jsy)

 “Clients are going in different directions, either a dramatic transformation or back to enhanced versions of their natural colour,” says The Parlour’s Lauren Layzell. “Very few are asking for ‘the same as last time’, which is refreshing! 

“Bright, creamy blondes are as popular as ever – which is great because we were all so excited by the launch of the Shades EQ Level 10s earlier this year! They are an absolute dream for creating the perfect blonde, so versatile. With Shades EQ we can create intense vibrant looks to the most natural lived-in colour and everything in between.  

“We had more than 800 clients on the waiting list for when we reopened. We often remind clients that an unfortunate home colour incident could set them back a year or more from achieving their colour goal. Our clients respect and understand this, they have invested a lot of time and money into their hair and were happy to wait.” 

Scarlett Collier Hair, Frome (@scarlettcollierhair)

“Clients book in knowing that they get me for the whole session, which they love because they really get that focus and dedication,” explains Scarlett Collier. “It’s also appealing to a low-maintenance person who only comes in say once or twice a year, but comes in for hours, and their colour then grows out beautifully. It’s a luxury to have that time dedicated to yourself, and I get to be a lot more creative. 

“A lot of people want really bright, contrasting colours at the moment – especially brunettes. Clients are embracing the warmth a little bit more too, not so ashy. We’re playing and experimenting. 

“I’ve tried so many colour brands over the years and to find colour with Redken that doesn’t fade out warm has been so good. As an artist, to use products that you know aren’t going to disturb the undertones is amazing. Shades EQ tones are just so flattering and true. I really like the warmer tones, but especially the new 010Gi.” 

*Study investigating salon and hairdressing services in the past 12 months among a nationally representative sample of 1017 UK women aged 16-74. Conducted by 2CV Research between 26 March and 2 April 2020, courtesy of L’Oréal Professional Products Division, including brands L’Oréal ProfessionnelRedkenKérastase and Matrix 

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