Your business, but better

Want a BFF to be there to help you build your salon to new, stronger, more profitable heights? Let us introduce you to 3•6•5 Education…

You love your salon, but sometimes, it can be a bit of a headache, right? Spreadsheets, retail sales, team challenges… it’s a world away from the creative side of hair you fell in love with. But you need to accept that things will need to change to get better. Because without change, we get stuck in a rut with the same results. No one wants that – you, your team, and certainly not your clients.

There’s something for everyone with 3•6•5 Education, the brilliant subscription-based salon business coaching system that’s been helping salon owners, managers, stylists and receptionists take control of their businesses since 1982.  The systems are simple to use, easy to understand, and leave you more time for what really floats your boat. Sweet!

Headmasters, Lee Stafford, Barrie Stephens, Cheynes, Charlie Miller… they’re just some of the successful names that use the programme to help them tackle key challenges that businesses like yours often face on the high street, steering you towards a stronger, more profitable future.

The 3•6•5 programme is spearheaded by lifetime member and respected industry expert Ken West, and delivered by an expert team of salon business coaches who have faced real-life business challenges first-hand and overcome them within their own teams.

And they can help YOU! Running a salon can be a lonely business, so one of the biggest benefits of being a 3•6•5 member is the network of support available to you. From like-minded coaches who themselves have salon experience as owners or managers, to the 3•6•5 team and all the specialists working at Salon Success, there’ll always be someone with the answer!

And is the exclusive, members-only website designed to coach you between courses and outside of office hours, so that all members are constantly connected. It includes coaching videos to recap on key course content, tracking of the seven numbers that are integral to your business and PDF downloads to help you track your success.

With prices starting from just £197 (plus VAT) per month, the only thing it doesn’t coach you is how to cut hair.

Interested in joining 3•6•5? Call 0845 659 0015 or email