Transform this two-step technique into a bespoke balayage journey

French balayage is much more than just a colour technique. It’s the beginning of a journey for your clients, to help evolve and maintain the elegance of their balayage look and drive rebooking. Here’s how…


Step one: Let there be light

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris’s lightening portfolio has gained a new member. Meet the new Blond Studio Lightening Clay Powder, formulated to give you up to seven levels of lift.

You want all of your focus to be on personalising and perfecting the placement of the colour when dealing with a balayage client. But to do that, you need a product you can rely on for a controlled, steady level of lift, which can be wielded to produce ultra-subtle or brighter results.

The Clay Powder formula has been specially formulated to make application a breeze, and there’s little drip or transfer as you work your magic. It’s the dream product for both nervous newbies and veteran colourists. It’s also a great product to show to those clients who fear damage and might be against the idea of lightening, as it contains no ammonia, requires no heat and no foils. It is 19 per cent pure clay, for a predictable and gentle lift.

Nancy Stripe



I absolutely love painting with this product! It goes onto the hair without seeping through to sections underneath, giving the balayage seamless and perfect results. With up to seven levels of lift you will get beautiful blonde results on natural hair. I love the fact it has no ammonia, most of my clients expect this these days, and the integrity of the hair is vital.Nancy Stripe

Step two: Cool and collected

This fan-favourite formula is the ideal pairing for ultra-natural balayage results. Dia Light’s acid-gel cream technology works brilliantly with the new Clay Powder to enhance and neutralise lightened hair for that chic French finish. Dia Light shades span from Warm Beige to Cool Ash and everything in between, with shades to suit all hair tones.

“Toning is no longer just for the backwash – it’s a bespoke service and much more. My go-to formulas this season are 10.13+10.02, 9.21+9.03 and 8.01+8.23. These reflect tones create a beautiful neutral result, think creams, beige and taupes.”
Grace Dalgleish, Brooks & Brooks


“This is my go-to product for toning. Its ease of application and glass- like shine gives me confidence the tone will remain true. My favourites are 9.13+7.8, this gives me a soft neutralisation with a natural mocha, not too ash or flat.”
Paul Dennison, Ken Picton

“I love mixing Dia Light shades to create bespoke results for clients, and with such a vast array of toners to choose from there’s never a dull time toning! For a summer glow I always add a cheeky dash of .34 or .23 for a bronze/rose sheen.”
Katie Hale, Charles Worthington

Serving looks

Your approach to French balayage service is everything. Create a custom journey for clients to help them understand the need for frequent care, colouring services to keep it pristine.


Appointment one: French Balayage
A thorough consultation with the client, explaining expectations, upkeep and the journey ahead. Lighten with Blond Studio, and tone to preference with Dia Light.
TOP TIP: Use the Style My Hair Pro app for virtual consultations.

Appointment two: Top-up and Tone
This is your check-in, where you re-affirm your pro appeal and keep the brassy tones at bay.
TOP TIP: “This is all about placement. It takes minimal time but makes a huge difference to the guest,” says Nancy Stripe.

Appointment three: Required Refresh
The balayage will have softened. Suggest a service such as Face Framing for a quick update.
TOP TIP: Add these refresh services to your service menu to boost rebookings.

Appointment four: Begin Again
The client returns for a full French Balayage service, with hair prepped and in excellent condition.

Discover how L’Oréal Professionnel Paris French Balayage can revolutionise your colour menu and keep clients returning regularly with the Balayage Blueprint education.

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