Your New Year’s resolutions

by | 22 Dec 2021

 We know that New Year’s resolutions made in January are often distant memories come March, but we’re starting out 2022 with high hopes and steely willpower! What have you got on your promise list…?

My New Year’s resolution is…

“To put my all into perfecting my craft and becoming an established hairstylist in the UK. 2021 was about me finding myself creatively and mentally again but 2022 I am ready for you!“

Justin Mackland,
Ishoka Aberdeen

“To prep my meals more, to save me going home and ordering food in. I’ve taken on an extra apprentice in 2021 – despite not having the space to but you need to hold on to people who are determined – and another resolution is to train all of my apprentices in more cutting education and gents hair.”

Brooke Evans
BE Ironbridge

“To be balanced – in 2022, I’m going to try and balance work and business. I also want to have small achievable goals this year instead of big milestones, so I feel like I’m continuously achieving.”

Christopher Laird
November Collective

“To go vegan. Last time I tried I lasted fewer than 24 hours! I literally forgot I was supposed to be doing it and was halfway through a piece of chicken when my son said: “aren’t you supposed to be vegan?!”. This year, after watching What the Health, being plant-based has gone up in my values and I’ve hired a health coach so let's see… Wish me luck!”

Caroline Sanderson
Ego Hair Design

“To stop eating EVERYTHING! On a serious note, for my team I want each member to have something educational to look forward to. Education is key to growing and developing so this is important for us at ROAR. For myself, my resolution is to make more time for myself. I run both salons, my own column, educate the team, my outsourced education classes at Glasgow Clyde College and my work as Ginger the drag queen. My plate is very full all the time. In the new year I will take one day off per week and be strict with it!”

Brian Leo McCallum
ROAR Hair and Beauty

“To only buy second hand stuff. But if I buy new, I must get rid of something I already have!"

Anne Veck
Anne Veck Salon

“To focus on the wellness of the team again. I will be reinstating our annual ‘wellness week’. It’s so important to look after ourselves too as hairdressers. We are also looking at increasing our efforts to be more sustainable. There is more we could be doing and in the new year I am dedicated to putting further sustainability procedures into place.”

Simon Hill,
SESH Hairdressing

“To see more of the UK. Before Covid I used to love to travel. I loved to create a Pinterest board and add top restaurants, bars, beaches, top 10 things to do and recommendations from clients, friends and Trip Advisor. It’s been a few years now since I’ve been abroad, so in 2022 I will be starting one for all the places we’d like to visit in the UK.”

Carina Hedderman 

“To sit and have dinner with each other once per month – with no phones or technology! As business owners, stylists and parents it can be so hard to fit everything in. So for us, making time is a huge resolution that we want to stick to." 

Lydia Wolfe & Jack Mead
Jack and the Wolfe

“To master my poker face and practicing my facial expressions ready for when the masks come off!”

Lewis Albon
Q Hair and Beauty

“To laugh more!”

Andrew Jose
Andrew Jose Salon

“To make more time to do salon paperwork and creative research. And also to catch my biggest fish in the UK!”

Martin Quenault
KH Hair Ashby

“To engage in no Covid talk with clients in 2022!”

Greta Belardi
Idol Hair

“To put into place and execute five new sustainable practices during 2022. I’ve also signed up for my second half marathon for charity in May in the hope I’ll lose half my body weight. But I’m also promising to drink two glasses of red wine a day!”

Nicholas James
Nicholas James

"To reevaluate the business and work out our worth and value, to ensure we are charging correctly for our services and time. I also want to invest in the team more, give them more of my time and offer them extra education and opportunities where we can. On a personal note, I want to work on having a more positive outlook and, most importantly, start listening to my wife!”

Dan Mewies
Mewies & Co.


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