Introducing Allilon, a London-based powerhouse in the hair industry since 2009. Their mission is to globally empower stylists through unparalleled hair education, fostering technical expertise, confidence, and creativity in colour, cutting, barbering, and styling. Rooted in values like commitment, evolution, humility, encouragement, and inspiration, they‘ve reached every corner of the globe, elevating the industry through courses, shows, seminars, and online education. They’d say their unique strength lies in a tight-knit team, akin to family, united by a shared goal. Join them on a journey of continuous growth and artistry, where passion meets skill. 


Why is it so important to Allilon Education to sponsor the Education Expert category? 

As an education company ourselves, we know how important and how hard it is to share education, so for us, sponsoring Most Wanted Education Expert is really valuable. We really believe the more support we can all do, and the more we can get behind each other as a community, the stronger the industry’s going to be. That’s the reason why us, at Allilon, love sponsoring this award. 

Tell us about AllilonPlus and how it supports hair professionals 

AllilonPlus is an online education platform. It contains a whole array of cutting, colouring, dressing, and styling videos. Now, what’s its purpose? Originally it was purely a video streaming site, with over 300 videos as a catalogue. Since then, we’ve tried to identify a problem, that AllilonPlus is designed to solve.  

We’re lucky as a team that we get to travel the world and share our passion with a lot of people and one of the patterns we see is that people don’t always have the tools to be able to create education systems for salons. For example, if you are a salon owner, you can use AllilonPlus to train all your staff, to help standardise, and to take the company to a whole new level. If you’re an educator, you have a resource that you can confidently pull on, which is constantly evolving, with lots of new content all the time. And as a learner, let’s be honest, it’s very easy to get lost in all the information you’re given, this is a very streamlined version or getting you to understand, step-by-step, how to grow your education. 

Think about having your own digital platform, your own digital space, where you can upload all of your work, watch loads of content and understand what it is you’re doing, to really fall in love with your craft. It’s not a replacement for physical education, it’s a complimentary tool to use alongside it.

Education, it’s the lifeblood of the industry, isn’t it? What training do you think people will be seeking the most in 2024? 

Moving forward, not just in 2024, but in general, a hybrid way of learning is the key. Both virtual and physical. You can’t replace physical, the human-to-human connection takes education to the level. But, being able to access education, anytime, anywhere at any place, is the key to being able to have 24 hour learning. 



New for 2024, Allilon has introduced the Journey, a thoughtfully designed series of courses to take you on a progressive adventure; Stage 1 – Technique, Stage 2 – Technique+, Stage 3 – Advanced Technique, Stage 4- Collection. If you’re new to Allilon, it recommends starting with the Technique course as a foundation. 

There are also a number of colour courses in 2024, from Progressive Balayage to Catwalk Classics and more in between!


Do you find cutting curly hair a challenge? Do you get nervous when a curly haired client sits in your chair? Do you struggle drying curly hair? If so, this is the course for you. Allilon’s educator will help you fall in love with curly hair, showing you different approaches. Using technical and freehand techniques you will learn to master cutting and styling curly hair. All haircuts on Allilon mannequins.


Learn to perfect the classic techniques of Line, Layer and Graduation with this three-day intensive cutting course. You will learn tips and tricks on how to create timeless looks, which will allow you to go back to the salon and use them on your clients. All haircuts on Allilon mannequins. 



Best of luck to everybody, we look forward to seeing all your creative entries and we’ll see you guys on the Grand Final night!

Johnny Othona

Director, Allilon Education