The logo for Activator, a free mentoring scheme from Creative HEAD and The Industry


A free new mentoring scheme from Creative HEAD and The Industry provides help and support for hairdressing business owners at all stages of their career.


Applications now closed.


Top industry names, with years of incredible experience. Which one will you be paired with?


Are you thinking of starting your own hairdressing business, or struggling to know what to do next with your existing one?  Launching a new salon, expanding your concept or taking the plunge into self-employment can feel incredibly scary, and it’s at a time like this that a mentor can be so valuable – someone who understands your work environment, has experience of the kind of hurdles you’re facing and can provide practical and personal support.

Activator is a new mentoring scheme from Creative HEAD and The Industry, open to hairdressing business owners at any stage of their career, that could see you being paired with a top industry name – one of our Activators – who will mentor you for a full 12 months.

During this time your Activator will be your ‘critical friend’ – acting as your sounding board, providing honest advice, introducing relevant and valuable contacts and networks and helping you learn and grow. 

There will also be the opportunity for Activators and mentees to attend workshops, panel discussions and specialist sessions with occasional guest speakers, helping you become part of a like-minded community. So don’t delay, apply to Activator now – it’s easy to do, and it’s completely free!


Applications now closed.