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Founded in 1984 by master chemist Dr Syed, Avlon is one of the hair industry’s original innovators. With four decades of haircare expertise, Avlon creates iconic, high-performanceproducts for all hair types, specialising in Afro and textured hair. This is supported by ongoing education for hairdressing professionals, giving stylists and salons the confidence, knowledge and skills and to deliver textured hair services to this ever-growing market.


Why is it so important to Avlon to sponsor the Texture Expert category?

Avlon is passionate about profiling Afro and textured hair hairdressing. Sponsoring the Texture Expert category at the Most Wanted Awards reaffirms our commitment to celebrating the wealth of talent within the industry and our ongoing support for the salons and stylists that work with this hair type. We want to continue the conversation around diversity and inclusivity across the industry and as a brand, recognise the value of championing Afro and textured hair professionals.

Texture education, or sadly the lack of it, has been a growing conversation in the hair industry. What advice can you offer to people seeking to expand their knowledge and skills?

From a professional standpoint we have had salons and experts in this sector for many years, and an industry serving this hair type for decades. In terms of mainstream hairdressing there has been some gaps in ensuring that everyone has access to learn all hair types equally. The demographics within the UK and Europe are changing rapidly and having knowledge of textured hair has become very important.

In the last two years, Avlon has seen a significant increase in enquiries from non-sector specialists regarding education around Afro and textured hair with growing societal awareness of movements such as Black Lives Matter as a key driver for this. The request for product knowledge has also increased as salons and stylists look to diversify their services.
Those looking to expand their skill set, working with Afro and textured, should seek a reputable education provider. Avlon education is founded in 40 years of Afro and textured hair expertise, led by industry experts to give stylists the confidence, knowledge and technical skill to deliver textured hair services to this ever-growing market.

Tell us about the Avlon Inspire club and what it hopes to achieve

The Avlon Inspire Club has been created to offer extra benefits and insights to the brand’s loyal salon network, providing education and guidance to help hairdressers grow and stand out from the crowd. Avlon stands for family, diversity and positive change and the Inspire Club is designed to motivate stylists and inspire clients through educational and business support.



This year, Avlon is celebrating 40 years of business and Afro and textured hair expertise. They are looking forward to celebrating with programme of special events and new product launches across its professional brands.



Avlon’s education programme has undergone a refresh for 2024, expanding its courses to all hair professionals wishing to enhance their skill set in the textured hair sector. Education will range from the fundamentals of Afro and textured hair knowledge to cutting, braiding and the science of haircare.




Later in the year, Avlon will be launching an educational podcast, hosted by the brand’s European education director, Jacqui McIntosh. The podcast aims to inform and inspire, opening up the conversation around Afro hair skills, services and product innovations.




Avlon is committed to developing high quality products for Afro and textured hair as well as supporting the stylists and salons that work hard to ensure this unique hair type is serviced, seen and celebrated. We want to wish the 2024 Texture Expert category entrants good luck with their submissions.

Graham Oakes

General manager, Avlon Europe