Established in 2001, ghd stands as a global leader in high-end professional hair styling tools. Loved by stylists, ghd seamlessly merges science and innovation with premium beauty and style. Developed by leading scientists in their dedicated R&D laboratories in Cambridge, the products have become an indispensable part of the daily routines of professional hair stylists and consumers worldwide. With over two million stylers sold annually and the award-winning products trusted by 200,000 stylists globally, ghd is renowned for its game-changing innovation and superior performance. At ghd, they are on a mission to transform lives with the power of a good hair day! 


ghd, you’ve sponsored the It List for 14 years now, why is the competition so important to you?

We are so incredibly proud to sponsor the It List awards. By supporting, recognising, and nurturing the next generation of talent, we actively contribute to shaping the future pioneers of the British and Irish hairdressing industry. The It List is not just a competition; it’s an amazing opportunity to celebrate the industry’s most exciting young talent. The It List embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence that ghd champions within the salon industry. It serves as a platform to showcase the remarkable talent and creativity of stylists and salon owners, inspiring others to push boundaries and elevate their craft. We are truly excited and privileged to celebrate these gifted individuals, and we are honoured to be a part of their remarkable journey. 

What else does ghd do to support rising young talent in hairdressing? 

Beyond the It List, our commitment to developing emerging talent extends through various initiatives. From educational programs to mentorship opportunities, we strive to empower the next generation of stylists to thrive in their careers. One such initiative is the ghd Style Squad, a prestigious program designed to mentor and showcase emerging talent in the industry. By providing access to exclusive education, high-profile brand events, mentorship from industry experts, and opportunities for professional growth, the ghd Style Squad inspires young stylists to unlock their full potential and go on to make their mark in the world of hairdressing. 

How can new names get noticed by ghd?

We love to see creative and innovative approaches to using our whole portfolio of products, whether that’s in salon, or on the road for shoots/session work. Engage with us through industry events, competitions like the It List and tag @ghdhairpro into your work to showcase your talent and connect with our community of like-minded professionals.



Introducing ghd chronos, ghd’s best ever professional styler with advanced HD motion-responsive™ technology, delivering 3x faster¹ styling and maintaining an ideal temperature of 185˚C for 24-hour² styles with up to 3x more breakage protection³. Its high-performance ceramic plates ensure instant styles with 2x less frizz⁴ and up to 85% more shine⁵.



ghd’s education strategy equips stylists with practical skills, boosting confidence and driving retail opportunities through trend-led insights, creativity, and growth-focused plans. Accessible through regional tours, in-salon sessions and livestreams, ghd’s flexible program ensures continuous skill development, reinforcing their commitment to salon success and professional growth for all ghd salons.



With a dedicated R&D team in Cambridge, get ready for an exciting year as ghd continue to develop the latest groundbreaking innovations to revolutionise hair styling, in salon and for your clients at home.




“As a proud sponsor of Creative HEAD’s It List awards, ghd is here to champion your journey! The It List awards is your gateway to recognition and success, offering a platform for young talents like you to shine brightly in our industry. Winning isn’t just about celebration; it’s about seizing opportunities that will propel you and your career to greater heights. So, don’t hesitate – take the leap and enter! Showcase your talent, push boundaries, and let your passion shine. Best of luck from all of us at ghd!”  

Janine Jennings

ghd, head of education UK & ROI

¹Vs ghd original. Results measured by shine on brunette hair compared to naturally dried, lab test.
²Consumer testing, Jan’21. 86% of 142 consumers agreed their hair lasted 24 hours after styling 
³vs. competitor styler working at 235°C
⁴Technical test in a lab on frizzy hair, vs naturally dried hair
⁵Technical test in a lab on brunette hair, measured vs. naturally dried hair