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JOICO, from Los Angeles, has been a true pioneer of healthy hair since 1975. Today, the brand embodies high-performance keratin technologies, while empowering hairdressers to make hair dreams happen. That’s a truth 100 per cent backed by science and delivered with a shared spirit called JOI.

JOICO’S innovative formulas fully rebuild hair health from the inside out. With every service hair feels instantly transformed, achieving hair beauty that shines with strength.

The brand’s colour, care and styling results inspire confidence, creating JOIful moments that shape strong bonds, hairdresser to hairdresser, and hairdresser to client. JOICO is the JOI of healthy hair


Why is it so important to JOICO to sponsor the Hair Icon category?

JOICO has sponsored the Most Wanted Hair Icon category for many years. As a brand we feel it isimportant to support our craft in its entirety and show commitment to this beautiful industry. We want to help emerging salons to create a successful business, support established stylists to advance their skills and last but not least we feel very strongly about rewarding creative talent and masters of the craft for their achievements. The Most Wanted Hair Icon award celebrates and recognises the great names of our industry and we are proud to support these creatives.

From your experience, what makes British and Irish hairdressing so iconic?

British and Irish hairdressing is respected throughout the world for its creativity and diversity. Other countries look to the UK for inspiration and from the young stars of TikTok to the session stylists who epitomise creativity at the highest level – Britain is leading the way.

 What does JOICO look for in the artists it collaborates with?

JOICO loves collaborating with creative artists and finding talent that inspires us. When we work with hairdressers, we love to see their creative process, the thought behind the work they are creating, how they approach it and how they share these ideas with others. Being part of a team (or the JOICO family) is important and we work with artists that are not only great hairdressers, but are team focused and love sharing their ideas, techniques and inspiration.



With care and styling range INNERJOI, JOICO wants to offer lovers of clean beauty and natural ingredients an opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint. The JOICO ethos is the ‘joi of healthy hair’ and this launch stays true to its purpose. INNERJOI offers the joy of doing something good, something that’s healthier for the environment and healthier for hair.


The hairstyles in the new JOICO 2024 Collection celebrate the popular done/undone look, providing a perfect balance of carefree sophistication. The models’ hair colour glistens and shines with the two blonde models’ hair gently lightened using JOICO Blonde Life, and subtly toned inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz. Using this as an undertone, the brunette model’s hair has subtle areas of lightness to enhance natural texture and movement.


What do you get when you combine a legacy of JOICO super-charged hair repair and the power of damage control in a single, extraordinary product? Meet KBOND20, the super-charged masque from Defy Damage – a brand-new, bond-building treatment that doubles down on technology for 5x stronger* hair.

And JOICO isn’t stopping there. Many new products and initiatives are in the pipeline. Watch its channels to stay tuned.



Good luck to all the nominees in the Most Wanted Hair Icon category. What a tremendous accolade for you to be recognised for your contribution to the industry that we all feel so passionate about.  Most Wanted Hair Icons are special people, they are creative, and they inspire others and they are role models for so many hairdressers throughout the world. We can’t wait to meet the next winner.

Eric Kater

General manager, EMEA – brands from the Americas, Henkel Beauty Care Professional

Against combing breakage on damaged hair during heat styling.

*Against combing breakage on damaged hair during heat styling.