Backed by state-of-the-art science and a legacy of innovation that dates back to 1960, Redken was the first company to take a scientific approach to hair; utilising the power of protein, moisture and acidic pH to build the foundation blocks for healthy hair. Redken science isn’t standard science, it’s a perfect balance of pH and protein science that is blended into every formula.

Today, Redken delivers powerful hair transformations with one end goal – to preserve the health of the hair. All Redken products are made with the highest quality ingredients, and tested by salon professionals to ensure maximum efficacy, for every hair type and texture and every hair need.

Redken would say what makes the brand unique is its science, dedication, energy, heart and of course, its community of industry-leading, trend-defining stylists. It believes in providing the tools and knowledge to service your clients and excel in the industry so you can learn better, earn better and live your best lives.


Why is it so important to Redken to sponsor the Hair Trend category?

As a brand born in New York City, the capital of fast-paced and dynamic energy, where trends are formed every day, the Most Wanted Hair Trend category is such a perfect alignment with our values. It’s part of our DNA to keep up with this ever-changing social and cultural landscape.

We encourage all stylists to look beyond and to challenge themselves to understand the budding and mainstream shifts in culture, taking an active part in shaping these narratives and aesthetics. With global celebrity talent including Tracey Cunningham, Larry King, Samantha Cusick, and a diverse pool of talent in the UK and Ireland, trends begin at the hands of salon professionals with Redken products behind some of the biggest cultural moments seen on red carpets and on TV screens, and movements that take over social. 

It’s why we aim to consistently push the boundaries in formulations, performance and results to meet the ever-evolving client and stylist needs.

UK and Irish hairdressing is considered trend-leading around the world. What is behind the influence it has?

There is something special about the diverse range of talented stylists in the UK. Freedom of expression and individuality is our edge. Stylists who feel empowered to channel their creativity and challenge the status quo to create micro-trends that are true their unique self.

The hairdressing industry has always been connected to this by being so closely tuned into emerging conversations in culture, whether that’s inspired by the art, fashion or music scene. Emerging conversations that represent our diverse population, translating into eclectic styles that range from timeless looks to bold experimentation and emerging smaller, local micro-trends in different cities.

How does Redken help its community stay at the forefront of the latest trends in the hair world?

Trends start in the salon, with the hands of Redken professionals all around the world. 2023 saw the launch of Redken Insiders, a community for pro hairdressers to create, collaborate and connect with Redken and other pros in the UK and Ireland. Members complete missions on social media to earn points and collect rewards including event invitations, early access to product launches and exclusive Redken branded items.

As a brand, Redken is actively involved in trend mining, using Redken Insiders and its missions, alongside the wider Redken Advocate and Artist Network to spot and seed these bubbling trends and culture shifts to the wider community. From the red-carpet to TikTok, the next trends are at the hands of stylists to interpret and grow, one social post away.


Acidic Color Gloss

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Shades EQ

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Level up your game

Level up your social game and techniques with Redken. Create, collaborate and connect with Redken Insiders, the new pro community. You can also join them on tour at the Redken Symposium in Berlin, exploring the power of connection, with two days of education, inspiration and face-to-face networking.



We are delighted to see you join the trend conversation with your Most Wanted 2024 entry. The UK and Ireland are lucky to have such a diverse set of stylists who showcase their creative expression in hair every day! We want you to bring your unique inspiration to the Hair Trend Category with a look that will be both fashion and future forward. Be bold and look beyond, we can’t wait to see what you create.


Sussan Verghese

General manager, Redken UKI