Business organisations including the Irish Hairdressers Federation collaborate on pushing for lower VAT rate as part of new SaveJobs campaign.

model with braids by Ciara Harrington

A new campaign to reduce the cost of doing business is launching from an alliance of
organisations representing and supporting small businesses across Ireland, including the
Irish Hairdressers Federation and the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation.

The SaveJobs campaign is fighting for a permanent 9 per cent VAT rate for the personal
grooming, entertainment and experiential, and food services sectors.

Together, they aim to reduce the cost of doing business, create more jobs, and help small
businesses thrive by advocating for supportive policies and relieving burdens imposed by
government policies.

Within the campaign, the alliance spotlights how Irish SMEs cannot compete with wage
premiums paid by multi-national employers and public services. It says benchmarking the
minimum wage against these will fail, costing jobs and businesses.

It’s also pushing for small businesses to be heard in discussions about employment terms. It points to the Labour Employer Economic Forum, which it argues lacks small business representation, even though SMEs employ 60 per cent of the Irish workforce. It’s pushing for pro-rata representation on the Forum.

To sign the pledge and join the campaign, visit

In addition to the Irish Hairdressers Federation and the Hair and Beauty Industry
Confederation, organisations that have signed up to the campaign include:the
Restaurants Association of Ireland; Irish Hardware Association; Nursing Homes Ireland;
Retail Excellence Ireland; Vintners’ Federation of Ireland; and Convenience Stores &
Newsagents Association.