Coke-Themed Hair Colour? It’s The Real Thing

Sophia Hilton and Coca-Cola start a fizzy pop partnership called the Flavour Parlour.

Sophia Hilton

Sophia Hilton

Not Another Salon is fizzing up its colour services by partnering up with Coca-Cola on the Flavour Parlour. The pop-fuelled pop-up – on between 6 to 8 June – uses iconic Coca-Cola flavours as inspiration for colour transformations. And yes, Dua Lipa’s beloved Cherry Coke is on the menu…

Not Another Salon

But it’s the new Coca-Cola Lemon, alongside an improved recipe for Cherry, that’s fuelling tie-up. Salon owner Sophia Hilton has a VIP space downstairs in the salon that’s exclusively themed with eye catching seating to themed mirrors with witty quotes, as well as that all important selfie station.


What’s on the menu?

Cherry Coca Cola hair colour

Coke Cherry – a rich and luxurious looking red ranging from a deep dark shade that reflects black and blood red, to shiny crimson with touches of magenta. “We’re obsessed with Dua Lipa’s cherry red hair revival,” says Sophia, “but we can’t resist a throwback of Cheryl circa 2010 with this exact tone, or Rihanna also in 2010 with her bright cherry.

Coke Lemon hair colour

Coke Lemon – the ultimate bright summer yellow vibes, from pop art bold to lemonade subtle.

Coke Zero Sugar hair colour

Coke Zero Sugar – a rich brunette with warm sweet undertones of red and gold.

Vanilla Coke hair colour

Coke Vanilla – a blend of buttery and icy, delivering a delicate combination of warm and cool.


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