Is your salon gender-affirming?

Australian favourite evo partners with The Dresscode Project to help create more gender-affirming salons around the world.

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For many in the LGBTQ+ community, the simple act of visiting a salon and getting a haircut can be a challenging event. That’s why Aussie favourite evo is partnering with The Dresscode Project globally to help create more gender-affirming salons. And for every order placed on throughout June, evo is donating one Australian dollar to the organisation.

It’s pledging to continue to raise awareness for The Dresscode Project and help eligible evo salons become members of its network. Founded by Kristin Rankin, The Dresscode Project educates salons on how they can become a safer space for the queer community to help clients to express their identity.

It also helps put on gender free haircut clubs, where stylists and salons offer their skills and space totally free to give gender affirming haircuts to marginalised queer individuals. Since 2016, Kristin has provided more than 1,000 gender-affirming haircuts to help queer clients look the way they feel.