A talented team from the Covent Garden salon joins forces to create accessible and affordable education.

Adam Reed, the 2023 Most Wanted Session Stylist, is unveiling Adam Reed ARKIVE Education to share the salon’s techniques with a wider audience. Andrew Plester, director of education at ARKIVE by Adam Reed, heads up the team of John Spanton, Sam Bickle, Janet Barone, Luke Logan and Adam Reed himself. Collectively, they’ll be known as The Arkitects. 

“Andrew has created this education programme for hairdressers to come and learn how ‘we do hair’,” explained Adam. “With a history of sharing knowledge, our team is anything but gatekeepers. In fact, we want to make our tricks and techniques accessible to everyone. We want to change the face and pace of learning.”  

“The Arkitects is an amalgamation of great talents,” said Andrew. “We’ll be offering a mix of structured and unstructured learning from core, classic cuts to more creative courses. Sharing knowledge is powerful. I’ve got a strong background in stage work and education, and I’ve been lucky to have been around great people so far in my career. This takes it to the next level.”

At its official launch, all proceeds from the evening were donated to Haircuts4Homeless. The event was supported by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, Akito Scissors, Equip the Creative and ARKIVE Haircare. 

ARKIVE Education kicks off with two courses: Core Men’s with Andrew Plester on 27 May and Core Classic Cut & Colour with John Spanton and Andrew Plester on 23 June.