The Business Builder Charles Rose, Crate Cheshire 
The Editorial Stylist Darcie Harvey, Reuben Wood Hairdressing 
The Salon Stylist Norman Boulton, Not Another Salon 
The Rising Star Mia Mozley 
The Visionary Birte Klintworth, Radio 
The One to Watch Miles Twist, Architect Hair  



The Editorial Stylist Lauren Bell, London 
The Entrepreneur Danielle Garner, Wildflower, Dublin 
The Salon Stylist Ryan Steedman, Adam Reed London, London 
The Rising Star Georgia Freeman, Q Cut Hair & Beauty, Surrey 
The Visionary Quentin Taillepied, Stag, Edinburgh 

The One to Watch Danielle Garner, Wildflower, Dublin 


The Editorial Stylist Ellie Bond, Essex 
The Entrepreneur Brooke Evans, BE Ironbridge, Telford 
The Rising Star Millie Bloy CODE Hair Consultants, Lowestoft 
The Visionary Giuseppe Stelitano, Trevor Sorbie, London 
The It Girl Harriet Stokes, Humankind Hair, London 

The It Guy Giuseppe Stelitano, Trevor Sorbie, London 


The Editorial Stylist Aidan Darcy, Dublin 
The Entrepreneur Ricky Walters, Salon64, London 
The Rising Star Annabel Payne, Toni&Guy, Salisbury 
The Visionary Marlon Hawkins, Brooks & Brooks, London 
The It Girl Leah Hayden Cassidy, Unit 8 by HAYDEN, London 

The It Guy Tom Gilling, Adam Reed London, London 


The Entrepreneur Jennifer Linton, Linton & Mac 
The Fashionista Tom Gilling 
The Rising Star Callum McDonald, Ruffians 
The Visionary Amelia Evans, Hare & Bone 
The It Girl Sarah Black, Linton & Mac 

The It Guy Jamie Benny, Hare & Bone 


The Entrepreneur Phil Benton, douce 
The Fashionista Mads-Sune Lund Christensen, Josh Wood Colour 
The Rising Star Jordan Massarella, Nashwhite 
The Visionary Grace Dalgleish, Brooks & Brooks 
The It Girl Grace Dalgleish, Brooks & Brooks 

The It Guy Paddy McDougall, Rainbow Room International 


The Entrepreneur Sophia Hilton, Not Another Salon 
The Fashionista Michael O’Gorman, Taylor Taylor London 
The Rising Star Darcie Harvey, Brooks & Brooks 
The Visionary Casey Coleman formerly Ocean Hairdressing 
The It Girl Rebecca Chang, formerly Salako 

The It Guy Ky Wilson, The Social 


The Entrepreneur Ky Wilson, The Social 
The Fashionista Issey Hyde, London Hair Hub 
The Rising Star Kristen Bassett, Electric Hairdressing 
The Visionary Sophie Springett, Toni&Guy 
The It Girl Amy Fish, George Northwood 

The It Guy Joshua Goldsworthy, Goldsworthy’s 


The Entrepreneur Sophie Laidlaw, Wonderland 
The Fashionista Cyndia Harvey, freelance hair stylist 
The Rising Star Tommy Cunliffe, Ruffians 
The Visionary Mikio Aizawa, Brooks & Brooks 
The It Girl Kim Rance, freelance hair stylist 
The It Guy Luke Benson, D&J Ambrose 



The Entrepreneur Joe Causier, Malcolm Murphy Hair 
The Fashionista Jonathan De Francesco, formerly Brooks & Brooks 
The Rising Star Olivia Butt-Freer, Lisa Shepherd Salons 
The Visionary Jonathan De Francesco, formerly Brooks & Brooks 
The It Girl Ashleigh Hodges, Flame Hair Studios 
The It Guy Richard Phillipart, The Boutique Salon and Spa 



The Entrepreneur Katya Davies, Myla and Davis 
The Fashionista Anna Chapman (formerly Trevor Sorbie) 
The Rising Star Sam Ashcroft, Brooks & Brooks (formerly Clipso) 
The Visionary Jonathan De Francesco, formerly Brooks & Brooks 
The It Girl Angel Montague-Sayers, Sally Montague Hair Group 
The It Guy Takuya Morimoto, Brooks & Brooks 



The Entrepreneur Richard Phillipart, The Boutique Salon and Spa 
The Fashionista Angel Montague-Sayers, Sally Montague Hair Group 
The Visionary Andrew-Thomas Corbett, Toni&Guy 
The It Girl Natalia Maxwell, Malcolm Murphy Hair (formerly George’s Hairdressing) 
The It Guy Matthew Sutcliffe, Renegade (formerly Westrow) 



The Entrepreneur Leanna Sutherland, Evocativ 
The Fashionista Leigh Keates, The Atelier (formerly Michael Van Clarke) 
The Visionary Dan Spiller, Marc Antoni 
One To Watch (F) Sophia Hilton, Not Another Salon (formerly Brooks & Brooks) 
One To Watch (M) Leigh Keates, The Atelier (formerly Michael Van Clarke) 



The Entrepreneur Martin Reichelt, No74 Hair & Beauty 
The Fashionista Niki Moores, formerly Michael Van Clarke 
The Visionary Andrew-Thomas Corbett, Toni&Guy 
One To Watch (F) Carly Aplin, Westrow (formerly Cutting Room Creative) 
One To Watch (M) Christopher Appleton, George’s Hairdressing