"Every You, Every Me" by Mia Mozely And Millie Braham

Back in the Autumn, Most Wanted Business Thinker victors, Lee Nash-Jones and Rob White from Nashwhite, were mingling with their fellow victors at the Most Wanted and It List Award winners’ lunch. They got chatting to the It List Rising Star, Mia Mozely, and The Big Question was asked: “what next?”.

Mia was keen to drive forward her creative quest and shoot more. In a ‘hold my beer’ moment, and after just two minutes of talking, they had a plan! “We have a photography studio at The Heist House, a photographer in Lee Nash-Jones, a make-up artist, a mentor in James Parr and an incredible young stylist called Millie who would love to be involved,” says Rob. “The perfect recipe for a fun-packed day, helping Mia and Millie on what would be their first solo shoot.”

After months of bouncing around ideas and sharing mood boards, shoot day arrived, with Mia on colour and Millie styling in a true collaboration. This has been just as rewarding for the Nashwhite founders, too. “It reaffirms why we do what we do. Just to see their reactions to the finished work makes it all worth it,” grins Rob. “You never know where you might end up, who you might meet or what opportunities might come up if you just put yourself out there…”

Photography: Lee Nash-Jones
Hair: Mia Mozely (colour) and Millie Braham (styling)
Mentor: James Parr, Nashwhite.
Make up: Lauren Wheeler.
Shot at Nashwhite The Heist House