The French Bob Is Going Nowhere – This Is How To Perfect The Style, Complete With a Colour Transformation

A quick-fire Masterclass from Allilon educators Kate and Madeleine, which covers how to create a beautiful, sunkissed blonde colour and achieve the ultimate French bob.

Join Allilon expert educators, Kate and Madeleine, as they guide you through a transformative journey exploring our signature house model, Saffron.

“Saffron’s journey begins with a vibrant, deep red hue, transitioning gracefully towards a sun-kissed blonde ideal for the summer months,” says Madeleine. “Employing a precise application technique suitable for salon use, I’ll delicately colour the darker strands while preserving the pre-lightened areas.”

Regarding the French bob cut, Kate explains: “Our vision was to craft a timeless, chic French bob, blending precision with effortless elegance. Using scissors for precise shaping and the feather razor for subtle interior layers, we’ve infused Saffron’s hair with texture and fluidity. Embracing the natural drying process, we’ve achieved a soft, salon-ready look that exudes sophistication.”