Bebop’s Guide to Using Humour to Engage Followers

Pont Smith lifts the lid on how to put a smile on your follower’s face.

Mastering social media goes beyond showcasing your salon’s best cuts and colours – it’s about connecting with your audience and bringing a smile to someone’s face. At bebop, we embrace humour as our salon’s ultimate icebreaker and key to social media success. With algorithms moving faster than clients in our chairs, a good laugh helps cut through the noise, but it’s crucial to keep them laughing while remaining genuine.

But how do you use humour in the most effective way? First things first – understanding your audience is paramount. Pay attention to what gets them talking, what makes them laugh and tailor your content accordingly.

Consume the content of your audience. A little bit of an insight goes a long way. Authenticity is non-negotiable. No one’s buying that polished, picture-perfect facade anymore – it comes across like an advert and gets lost in the sea of content. Instead, don’t be afraid to embrace your salon’s quirks because it’s the realness that resonates with people and keeps them coming back.

Active engagement is essential. Social media is a two-way street, so don’t hesitate to initiate conversations, throw out questions or simply ask your followers how their day is going.

Memes are a fantastic way to connect with your audience. They’re fun, shareable and spark strong emotional responses. Stay on top of trending memes and tailor them to your audience for maximum impact, as these are more likely to be forwarded.

It’s no good filming tonnes of content without first considering the purpose. Try to narrow down what direction the story should take in a couple of sentences. What are you trying to accomplish with that video or Reel? Is it to share an exciting shoot or team project? Is it to showcase a new service or product launch? Or is it simply to re-engage your following and build a sense of community?

When it comes to humour, less is more. Keep it fresh, light and aligned with your salon’s personality. Steer clear of the cringe-worthy, eye-roll-inducing stuff. Remember, you’re not just selling a great cut or perfect shade; you’re selling a salon experience – one that’s fun, friendly and most of all, memorable.