Say Hello To The Power of Personality

London Road Hair’s Vishali Visavadia knows that people invest in people.

No-one else is YOU, and that’s why staying authentic on social media is crucial. The online world is massive with communities for everyone. That’s why your ideal client is out there, by sharing what you love and being yourself you can attract your dream clientele. People invest in people; when they catch your vibe online, they either want more or move on.

I’m naturally bubbly and energetic and I love to convey that in my videos through voiceovers and multiple clips. it’s almost like I’m creating a safe space with my own online community. New clients often come to the salon already feeling like they know me, which is the best feeling ever! It breaks the ice and makes them comfortable. It’s like my service began the moment they first saw my social media, even before they stepped into the salon. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t overthink it. When filming content I often ignore the camera and just let it roll.

Avoid having someone film for you as the pressure can make it harder to relax and be yourself. Try placing your phone on your tripod and letting it record; sometimes the viral clip is hidden in a longer video and you don’t realise it until you’re editing. Capturing raw unedited moments often creates the best content, especially on TikTok where people are more likely to scroll faster. My highest-performing videos are just me being myself with little to no editing and a voiceover which feels like me.

There are many trends, sounds, and voiceovers that come and go on all platforms. These apps encourage people to use them to push their content, but if your formula of being YOU is consistent, you can make any viral trend or sound work to your advantage. Being authentic + trending sounds = higher engagement. Keep in mind that we’re all imperfect beings; aiming for flawlessness isn’t necessary because everyone perceives beauty differently. Avoid being overly critical of yourself and allow room for growth and improvement. Most of all, have fun!