Who Took Home The 2024 Ireland L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

Who Took Home The 2024 Ireland L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

Who Took Home The 2024 Ireland L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

Salon owners, stylists and creative colourists gathered in Dublin to compete for the top spot. Here’s who scooped first place on the night…

LCT DUBLIN 2024<br />

New Hair Order, Mark Byrne and Lisa May

The L’Oréal Colour Trophy Ireland Grand Final hit the stage at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre and crowned New Hair Order as the 2024 winner – owner and colourist Mark Byrne and stylist Lisa May lifted the trophy for their multi-tonal take on a copper crop. 

There was an electric atmosphere in the room as salon owners, stylists and creative colourists gathered to compete for the big prize. Zeba Hairdressing’s Mark Sherwood and Augusto Miranda took second place, with Graham Santeliz Molloy and James Coleman of Brown Sugar claiming the final spot in the top three. 


Mark Sherwood and Augusto Miranda, Zeba Hairdressing


Graham Santeliz Molloy and James Coleman, Brown Sugar

Jake Murphy, creative colourist and apprentice at Zeba Hairdressing took home the STAR Award for his subtle striped look. Judges tasked to make the difficult decision on the night were Darren Ambrose, Andrew Mulvenna, Alan Edwards, Nathan Walker and Marcello Moccia.

Also on the night, Lauren McNeela of Stripe Colour Studio was named L’Oréal Colour Trophy Moving Image winner. The final winners to be revealed were Alex Doherty, Brandon Marchant, Elsie MacDonald, Francesca Bay, Isla McKelvie who scooped the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Future Talent Award. They will go on to have a mentorship day at the L’Oréal International Academy. 

Two dynamic hair shows thrilled the Dublin crowd. The first, created by Jason Hall Hairdressing’s Jason Hall and Strictly Xtended’s Abigail Butler, was an energetic combination of pop culture references. Mash Up saw striking silhouettes and elaborate fashion pieces, designed by Colin Horgan, that elevated the energy over the top of a mash-up mixtape playlist of trending tunes. Jason and Abigail were supported by young Irish talents, Peter Mark College’s Daryl Behan, Georgia Haverty, Kelly Byrne and Rebecca Robinson, Peter Mark’s Sadhbh Clifford, Hillary’s Sian Lloyd and Yolanda Dunne from Wildflower.


Mash Up by Jason Hall and Abigail Butler


Adam Reed and the ARKIVE by Adam Reed team then displayed true craftmanship with their show fRAmEwoRk. The show put a theatrical, cabaret spin on things, narrated through a VT featuring Adam and the team – Andrew Plester, Janet Barone, John Spanton, Luke Logan, Pia Wyatt and Samantha Bickle. The truly mesmerising performance was choreographed by Gareth Walker and featured statement headpieces with bold fashion styling and design by Adam Reed. 

LCT DUBLIN 2024 ARKIVE framework
LCT DUBLIN 2024 ARKIVE framework

fRAmEwoRk by ARKIVE by Adam Reed

LCT DUBLIN 2024 ARKIVE framework

Hairdressers, finalists and winners alike wrapped up their evening with the help of a live DJ, as the drinks continued to flow, and canapes were served, celebrating in style and danced out the night in true LCT Dublin fashion. 


Clean Beauty? It’s More Than Just Products

Clean Beauty? It’s More Than Just Products

Clean Beauty? It's More Than Just Products

Promotion – Bonacure Clean from Schwarzkopf Professional

As the conversation around clean beauty gathers pace, Schwarzkopf Professional knows that the movement means so much more than the formulas of shampoos and conditioners…

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Clean model
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Clean

You’ve probably had plenty of clients in your chair asking you about what exactly is in the products you’re using, asking about formulas and ingredients. Clean beauty is not a passing trend; this is a way of life for an increasing number of consumers… but to be really clean? It’s going to take more than a shampoo!

With a passionate dedication to sustainability, Schwarzkopf Professional is keen to empower the industry to think differently about clean hair care. This is not just about using the right products – it’s a philosophy that goes beyond labels. The brand’s approach to clean beauty revolves around simplicity, sustainability, and transparency, showcasing that clean, free-from hair care doesn’t require compromising on performance. In fact, its next generation formulas – powered by vegan keratin and skincare-inspired ingredients your clients will know and love – can empower both your finished results AND your retail business. This is 360-degree thinking, building your business in line with consumer beauty trends to help you thrill more clients, today and in the future.

Why clean beauty matters…

What does clean beauty mean? It’s about choosing products that are free from harmful chemicals and made with a commitment to sustainability. And just look at the newest salons and the entrepreneurs behind them, as well as the freshest crop of independent stylists, because the clean beauty movement is reshaping the hairdressing industry. They are driving demand for products that deliver excellent results without the need for harsh additives. It’s not only their clients that care; so too do these new of stylists and salon owners.

Clean beauty delivers

The Bonacure Clean Performance range from Schwarzkopf Professional showcases its commitment to clean beauty;
that a clean approach to hair care leads to better hair health and a more sustainable future. Here’s why it matters:
Less build-up… and better texture: These formulas avoid heavy silicones and waxes, reducing product build-up and
enhancing hair’s natural texture and volume. Result!

Reduced risk of allergies: Post-Covid, lots of consumers are more sensitive to ingredients. The elimination of sulphates, artificial colorants, and other harsh chemicals makes clean beauty ideal for those with sensitive scalps or prone to allergies. Long-lasting hair health: Clean hair care promotes healthier hair long term, with fewer additives that can lead to dependency. Sustainability and environmental responsibility: By choosing clean beauty, you’re making a choice that benefits both your clients’ hair AND the planet. Surely that’s a convincing argument?

Myth-busting clean beauty

Yes, lots of people are talking clean beauty… but not everyone is getting it right. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions so you can consult with confidence. Being ‘clean’ doesn’t necessarily mean vegan, natural, or green – although these categories often overlap. Here’s what sets them apart:

Clean: Focuses on simplicity, avoiding unnecessary chemicals like sulphates and mineral oils.
Vegan: Excludes animal-derived ingredients but may still contain synthetic chemicals.
Natural: Uses plant, animal, or mineral-based ingredients, but isn’t necessarily eco-friendly.
Green: Emphasises environmental sustainability throughout a product’s lifecycle.

At its core, clean beauty is about using simple, essential ingredients that are kind to your hair and the environment… and Schwarzkopf Professional is inviting hair pros and clients to embrace the clean beauty movement! With its Bonacure Clean Performance range, Schwarzkopf Professional is totally committed to delivering high-performing hair care that solve your clients’ problems… while also being clean. Gorgeous looking, healthy hair and a cleaner conscience – it’s a futureproofing formula for your business!

Join the clean beauty movement with Schwarzkopf Professional as your planet-friendly partner! Discover everything about the brand, the products and the power of its skincare-inspired ingredients at schwarzkopfpro.com/bonacure 


Clients Requesting Glass Hair? These Are The Products You Need To Know

Clients Requesting Glass Hair? These Are The Products You Need To Know


We’ve got the lowdown on the latest launches to add to your arsenal for achieving the glass hair finish.

Shiny, healthy-looking hair has been on clients’ wish lists and a key factor of salon services for many years, but the latest evolution of glossy hair takes it one step further. ‘Glass hair’ elevates glossy hair to promote glass-like shine, triggering the development of new generation of haircare and styling ranges which work that bit harder to maximise a glossy finish. 

If you’re looking to create glass hair for your clients, we’ve rounded up the hero products that you need to get your hands on. 

Kerastase Chroma Gloss

At the backwash 

Kérastase was ahead of the game with the launch of the Chroma Absolu Soin Acide Chroma Gloss, but it is as strong a contender now as it was a few years back. The high-shine treatment maximises its lightweight formula, creating a smooth and sleek surface for intense softness and shine. It can be incorporated into your backwash service after shampooing by applying directly to wet hair on the lengths only, avoiding the scalp, massaging for eight seconds and rinsing out.

In the chair 

Styling products are another ideal way to give your clients that glass-like finish and complete the service on a shiny high. From L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Metal Detox Oil is a multi-tasking hair hero. Not only is it perfect for any hair type and texture, but it also unlocks two-times more shine and reduces hair breakage by 97 per cent. The L’Oréal Professionnel Paris TECNI.ART Ring Light Pure Spray also makes for the final finishing touch. The micro-dispersed, professional high-shine spray offers the lightest, ring light-effect gleam for maximum gloss and high shine when sprayed in a halo over the finished look. 

Metal Detox Oil
Metal Detox Oil

Redken’s Acidic Color Gloss system offers an Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment – a revolutionary professional strength glossing treatment that conditions and adds intense shine. It works by restoring the hair back to its healthiest pH (4.5 to 5.5), sealing in the cuticle and leaving hair with a reflective shine lasting for up to three days. 

Coveted by celebrity hairstylists across the globe, the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray has recently gone viral on social media – and for good reason. One such fan is none other than celebrity hairstylist, Carl Bembridge.  

Carl Bembridge
Color Wow Dream Coat
Carl Bembridge glass hair

Hair: @carlbembridgehair, Make-up: @the_makeupservice, Photography: @iulia_david_photography, Model: @fifi.anicah

Known for delivering seriously shiny strands, Carl says the key to glass hair is “all in the products!”. So, how does he maximise the abilities of Color Wow to create these glossy finishes?  

Saturate (don’t be shy!) clean, towel-dried hair in the Color Wow Dream Coat Spray to make the hair reflective and, in fact, waterproof,” he says. “Once dried in, sleek over with the straightening irons.” 

His top tip is to also spray the Color Wow Extra Mist-icle Shine Spray on each section before gliding over with the straighteners. Not only does it help melt that shine into the hair, but it contains heat protection.  

“Finish by applying a couple of pumps of Color Wow Pop & Lock High Gloss Finish in the palms of your hands, glide through any flyaways and seal the deal with this glassy style.” 


What’s The Secret To Creating The Biggest Blonde Trend Of 2024?

What’s The Secret To Creating The Biggest Blonde Trend Of 2024?


Promotion – Schwarzkopf Professional

Lived-in blonde is loved by clients across the globe, but what’s the formula for success? Chris Appleton, global Schwarzkopf colour ambassador, shares all.

Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

It’s no secret that blondes are big for business all year round but as trends evolve, how can you capture the attention of clients and keep them coming back for more? Enter lived-in blonde, the colour trend of the year which is coveted by celebrities and offers ender possibilities for bespoke colour placement to suit every client’s needs.

“One of the biggest trends right now is the lived-in blonde. It is a very popular look with celebrities, very sought after in the salon, and it’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere,” says global Schwarzkopf colour ambassador, Chris Appleton, highlighting the enduring appeal of this captivating style. 

Chris Appleton with Sofia Vergara

Chris Appleton with Sofia Vergara

Capturing the essence of this sought-after shade, Chris delivered a complete colour transformation for global Schwarzkopf ambassador, Sofia Vergara, who transitioned from a deep brunette to a beautiful, lived-in blonde. Drawing upon his unparalleled expertise, Chris has revealed the techniques and products that brought this colour creation to life.

Central to Chris’s technique is the careful colour placement to frame the face and accentuate its contours. “What is great about the lived-in look is that it really frames the face,” he comments. By strategically placing brighter pieces around the face, Chris achieved a flattering contrast with the natural root throughout the back, adding depth and dimension to the overall look.

To create Sofia Vergara’s radiant lived-in blonde transformation, Chris used a carefully curated selection of Schwarzkopf Professional products, each tailored to deliver exceptional results. 

Schwarzkopf Professional product montage

Colour recipe:

Colour 1 (Foils): IGORA ROYAL Highlifts 12-0 + 12-1 (1:1) + IGORA ROYAL Developer Oil 12% | 30 Vol. (1:1)
Colour 2 (Face Frame): BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ + BLONDME Premium Developer 2% | 7 Vol. (1:2)
Colour 3 (All Over): IGORA VIBRANCE 5-4 + 7-4 + 6-0 (1:1:1) + IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion 1.9% | 6 Vol. (1:1)
Colour 4 (Toner On Face Frame): BLONDME Pastel Toner Ice Irisé + Biscuit (2:1) + BLONDME Premium Developer 2% | 7 Vol. (1-1)

As striking as it is sophisticated, Chris’s innovative use of Schwarzkopf Professional colour has created a truly bespoke lived-in blonde for Sofia. By personalising the style with strategically placed money pieces, he has elevated Sofia’s hair to new heights of elegance while remaining bang on trend.

For hairdressers looking to expand their expertise in the lived-in blonde trend, consider Sofia’s transformation the ultimate inspiration. By mastering the techniques and products used in her stunning makeover, you too can unlock endless possibilities for your clients’ hair stories. 

Explore the full product portfolio online, including all the new looks, services and ambassador tips and tricks at schwarzkopfpro.com.