Smaller, Lighter And With No Heat Damage – This Is The Hair Dryer You Need

Smaller, Lighter And With No Heat Damage – This Is The Hair Dryer You Need

Smaller, Lighter And With No Heat Damage – This Is The Hair Dryer You Need

Promotion – Dyson

Dyson knows how to innovate. Meet the pro-exclusive Supersonic r Professional hair dryer.

When Dyson unveiled the Supersonic Professional hair dryer nearly a decade ago, it was a game-changer. Lighter, quieter, like nothing else on the market, the Supersonic empowered stylists to create beautiful hair with a focus on maintaining its health and shine, always. But innovators never stand still…

Revealed at New York Fashion Week, there’s a new tool just for the pros that has everyone talking once again. It’s smaller and lighter, and is packed with new technology to avoid heat damage to hair. This is the Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer. Its genesis has the stylist at its heart. Seven years of ongoing surveys and interviews with nearly 700 stylists has fuelled Dyson’s designs. Having identified the challenges hair pros were facing, engineers were keen to design a tool that would respond to “real world demands” while still delivering on stellar styling experience and stunning results.

model using Dyson r

Its research found that a stylist will typically see between four and 16 clients each day, spending on average 30 to 60 minutes styling per client, adapting the angle of their arm and hand up to 30 times during one styling session. That all adds up; just look at the prevalence of strain-related injuries among stylists. So Dyson labs have been busy creating something that will look unique, perform brilliantly, empower you to style beautiful hair, all without the arm ache! This is what you need to know…

Dyson r

New ergonomic design

The Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer has been designed ergonomically in an ‘r’ curve and, at 325g, weighs less than a can of hairspray. The shape allows stylists to reach where it’s normally difficult, for better control when styling hair, and better comfort. It’s 30 per cent smaller, 20 per cent lighter, and more manoeuvrable to deliver fast drying, alongside smoother, frizz free and shinier results on hair!

New heaters = even heat

The new curved heater ensures the dryer heats the airflow more evenly, with no hotspots. For stylists, this means you can rely on more even temperatures (including when using the attachments), a higher temperature for faster drying and styling, with no heat damage. The dryer checks the temperature constantly using Dyson’s intelligent heat control – seen in its other hair tools, too – measuring air temperature more than 20 times a second.

Attachments with sensors… and a memory! There’s a range of attachments that have integrated RFID sensors, which communicate with the dryer, automatically adjusting the motor and the heater to deliver what the Dyson engineers have set as the ‘optimal’ airflow and temperature. For example, the diffuser is set to low flow and low temperature to reduce frizz and enhance curls without disrupting the curl pattern. By contrast, the rough dry mode uses maximum power heat and flow to minimise drying time. But stylists can tweak these settings to best suit each client in their chair, depending on the hair type and style of each client… and the dryer will remember that setting the next time the attachment is added! Not only that, the 3D mesh filter at the bottom of the dryer, designed to capture salon pollutants, now lasts up to two times longer in-between cleans.

Larry King working
Larry King

The Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer will not only give professionals the ability to execute amazing work, but also at high speed and the highest quality

Larry King, Dyson global styling ambassador

Smaller, lighter, faster, no heat damage – and exclusively for professionals. The Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer is tomorrow’s tool, today. Elevated styling, stunning results, beautifully healthy-looking hair… r you ready to see what you can do?

To secure your own Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer, visit


Clients Requesting Glass Hair? These Are The Products You Need To Know

Clients Requesting Glass Hair? These Are The Products You Need To Know


We’ve got the lowdown on the latest launches to add to your arsenal for achieving the glass hair finish.

Shiny, healthy-looking hair has been on clients’ wish lists and a key factor of salon services for many years, but the latest evolution of glossy hair takes it one step further. ‘Glass hair’ elevates glossy hair to promote glass-like shine, triggering the development of new generation of haircare and styling ranges which work that bit harder to maximise a glossy finish. 

If you’re looking to create glass hair for your clients, we’ve rounded up the hero products that you need to get your hands on. 

Kerastase Chroma Gloss

At the backwash 

Kérastase was ahead of the game with the launch of the Chroma Absolu Soin Acide Chroma Gloss, but it is as strong a contender now as it was a few years back. The high-shine treatment maximises its lightweight formula, creating a smooth and sleek surface for intense softness and shine. It can be incorporated into your backwash service after shampooing by applying directly to wet hair on the lengths only, avoiding the scalp, massaging for eight seconds and rinsing out.

In the chair 

Styling products are another ideal way to give your clients that glass-like finish and complete the service on a shiny high. From L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Metal Detox Oil is a multi-tasking hair hero. Not only is it perfect for any hair type and texture, but it also unlocks two-times more shine and reduces hair breakage by 97 per cent. The L’Oréal Professionnel Paris TECNI.ART Ring Light Pure Spray also makes for the final finishing touch. The micro-dispersed, professional high-shine spray offers the lightest, ring light-effect gleam for maximum gloss and high shine when sprayed in a halo over the finished look. 

Metal Detox Oil
Metal Detox Oil

Redken’s Acidic Color Gloss system offers an Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment – a revolutionary professional strength glossing treatment that conditions and adds intense shine. It works by restoring the hair back to its healthiest pH (4.5 to 5.5), sealing in the cuticle and leaving hair with a reflective shine lasting for up to three days. 

Coveted by celebrity hairstylists across the globe, the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray has recently gone viral on social media – and for good reason. One such fan is none other than celebrity hairstylist, Carl Bembridge.  

Carl Bembridge
Color Wow Dream Coat
Carl Bembridge glass hair

Hair: @carlbembridgehair, Make-up: @the_makeupservice, Photography: @iulia_david_photography, Model: @fifi.anicah

Known for delivering seriously shiny strands, Carl says the key to glass hair is “all in the products!”. So, how does he maximise the abilities of Color Wow to create these glossy finishes?  

Saturate (don’t be shy!) clean, towel-dried hair in the Color Wow Dream Coat Spray to make the hair reflective and, in fact, waterproof,” he says. “Once dried in, sleek over with the straightening irons.” 

His top tip is to also spray the Color Wow Extra Mist-icle Shine Spray on each section before gliding over with the straighteners. Not only does it help melt that shine into the hair, but it contains heat protection.  

“Finish by applying a couple of pumps of Color Wow Pop & Lock High Gloss Finish in the palms of your hands, glide through any flyaways and seal the deal with this glassy style.” 


Now Open: IHF Star Team Applications

Now Open: IHF Star Team Applications


The Irish Hairdressers Federation seeks new wave of talented stylists as the competition for 2025 team begins.

IHF star team story

The Irish Hairdressers Federation is launching its annual search to find passionate and highly motivated individuals who will make an impact on the future of the industry. Candidates must complete an application and virtual interview process, those who make a lasting impression on the judges will be invited to the semi finals to showcase a Colour & Cut model before the judges whittle it down to a handful of finalists. Applications close at the end of May.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Applications open to all trainee stylists currently undergoing training and will still be undergoing training by November 2024
  • You have 300 words to grab the attention of the judges
  • Entry is FREE
  • Applicants must be over 16 years of age
  • Applications close Friday 31 May 11:59pm


New Survey Finds 50 Per Cent Of Beauty Professionals Identify As Neurodivergent – But What Does This Mean For The Industry?

New Survey Finds 50 Per Cent Of Beauty Professionals Identify As Neurodivergent – But What Does This Mean For The Industry?


A recent survey conducted by Vagaro highlights the significant presence of neurodivergent professionals in the beauty industry.

model with braids by Ciara Harrington

It’s common knowledge in the industry that many hair professionals are neurodivergent, but a recent survey from salon software brand Vagaro revealed that half of the beauty industry identifies as such.

The research also explored how salon salons and spas cater to neurodivergent clients, highlighting the role of technology and software in creating inclusive spaces and the human aspect of nurturing relationships, empathy, and understanding.

27 per cent of survey participants said they work on a team with a neurodivergent peer and 43 per cent of participants said they offer services specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients who are neurodivergent or on the autism spectrum.

Findings suggest that these salon and spa professionals proactively ask about accommodation requests beforehand, as well as offering quieter or noise-reduced options such as quiet hair clippers, providing an array of lighting options, and more.

27 per cent of survey participants said they work on a team with a neurodivergent peer.

Technology is also crucial to creating a welcoming space for neurodivergent clients, with 56 per cent of those asked agreeing that technology helps make accommodations for neurodivergent clients, pointing out that scheduling software plays a crucial role in reducing sensory overload.

They said capabilities such as online booking systems, digital check-ins, forms, and automated appointment reminders help reduce factors that can contribute to overstimulation and streamline the overall experience. “Our survey showcases the growing dedication of salon and spa professionals to inclusivity and innovation,” says Charity Hudnall, Vagaro chief marketing officer. “By encouraging acceptance, celebrating diversity, and leveraging technology, we can create more accessible
spaces for both neurodivergent clients and industry professionals.”

See the full findings of Vagaro’s survey of neurodivergence among salon and spa professionals on the Vagaro blog, highlighted amid National Autism Acceptance Month. 


Meet The Arkitects – Arkive By Adam Reed Unveils Education

Meet The Arkitects – Arkive By Adam Reed Unveils Education


A talented team from the Covent Garden salon joins forces to create accessible and affordable education.

Adam Reed, the 2023 Most Wanted Session Stylist, is unveiling Adam Reed ARKIVE Education to share the salon’s techniques with a wider audience. Andrew Plester, director of education at ARKIVE by Adam Reed, heads up the team of John Spanton, Sam Bickle, Janet Barone, Luke Logan and Adam Reed himself. Collectively, they’ll be known as The Arkitects. 

“Andrew has created this education programme for hairdressers to come and learn how ‘we do hair’,” explained Adam. “With a history of sharing knowledge, our team is anything but gatekeepers. In fact, we want to make our tricks and techniques accessible to everyone. We want to change the face and pace of learning.”  

“The Arkitects is an amalgamation of great talents,” said Andrew. “We’ll be offering a mix of structured and unstructured learning from core, classic cuts to more creative courses. Sharing knowledge is powerful. I’ve got a strong background in stage work and education, and I’ve been lucky to have been around great people so far in my career. This takes it to the next level.”

At its official launch, all proceeds from the evening were donated to Haircuts4Homeless. The event was supported by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, Akito Scissors, Equip the Creative and ARKIVE Haircare. 

ARKIVE Education kicks off with two courses: Core Men’s with Andrew Plester on 27 May and Core Classic Cut & Colour with John Spanton and Andrew Plester on 23 June. 


Wella Professionals And Pantone Join Forces In “Biggest Collaboration Ever”

Wella Professionals And Pantone Join Forces In “Biggest Collaboration Ever”


Inspiration found in key Pantone shades of the season.

model with braids by Ciara Harrington

The full Colour Crush collection

Wella Professionals is collaborating with global colour expert Pantone on its summer collection, Colour Crush – dubbed on Instagram as its “biggest collaboration ever”.

Revealed on the cover of Creative HEAD’s March issue, Colour Crush sees Wella Professionals ambassadors Jordanna Cobella and James Earnshaw working together on the season’s take on the new era of colour blocking.

James Earnshaw developed seven looks that incorporate the key Pantone shades of the season for inspiration.

Lilac Spirit – a fresh floral hue combined with a luminous peach

Rose Dusk – a velvety pink which comes alive when paired with a deep, alluring burgundy

Vivid Amber – glows with an intense, golden warmth and teamed with a richly pigmented red-hued brown

Pink Pearl – a delicate, natural creamy hue teamed with a rich deep brown

Dulce de Leche – a smooth and creamy caramel shade, set against a complex midnight black

Barley Gold – a delicate sun-baked golden blonde fused with a nutty and rich brown

Sunset Blaze – autumnal fiery oranges, set against a tranquil tinted blonde

“At a time when authentic self-expression has become so paramount, this collection enables individual style and personality, to create edgy and fun combinations,” said Laurie Pressman, vice-president at Pantone Color Institute.

The looks were created using Koleston Perfect, Color Touch, Shinefinity and Illumina Color from the Wella Professionals’ colour portfolio. Inspired by shades from nature, interior design, and make-up, Colour Crush signals a shift from cool ash tones, with warmer hues prevalent, as seen in the two key trends Peach Blush and Strawberry Glaze.

The collection showcases salon and stylist friendly techniques to help colourists get creative and grow their business, with face framing concepts and colour blocking panels.