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Salon owners Ryan Lewis and Charles Rose share the business benefits of introducing luxury STMNT Grooming Goods backwash services  

Crate Cheshire barbering

To boost your business (and most importantly your bottom line!) it’s vital to explore exciting, fresh ways to elevate the client experience. Not only is the barber shop or salon a place to help clients look good, but it’s also a safe, welcoming space which gives clients that extra something to leave them feeling good, too. A great service goes beyond the haircut itself, but this doesn’t mean you need to implement huge changes or shifts in your service menu, it can be as simple as adding a level of luxury to their usual appointment. 

A perfect way to enhance the experience is to maximise the current services, adding extra steps at the backwash with the products you use. STMNT Grooming Goods offers a full range of sophisticated, lifestyle-driven, genderless care products to support barbers in delivering more luxurious treatments.

Ryan Lewis, owner of Club13 in Hull, recognises having a backwash as an unequivocal feature of the space. Having recently been granted permission to add a backwash to his space, Ryan wholeheartedly believes this will improve the overall quality of the space and give his clients a moment of zen. As many of Ryan’s clients work in trade, it is not uncommon for them to visit straight from work, making a backwash even more beneficial in ensuring hair is a clean canvas for cutting techniques 

Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis

Ryan and his team work with STMNT products to enable them to provide enhanced backwash services which are bespoke to each individual. “The thing that makes the STMNT Backwash Services so unique is simple – it’s the products themselves. The quality is second to none,” says Ryan. “Integrating STMNT Backwash Services into our existing services is seamless. We’ll highlight the benefits of the backwash experience during client consultations and offer it as an optional add-on to their haircut. Through promotions such as discounted package deals or loyalty rewards, we’ll encourage clients to try out this new service and experience the difference for themselves.” 

If you’re considering adding a luxury backwash experience to your business, Ryan’s advice is to think of the long-term benefits! Not only does it enhance the overall client experience and set your business apart from competitors, but it also opens up opportunities for increased revenue through add-on services and retail sales. 

Barbering backwash

Luxury backwash service

Having originally trained as a hairdresser, Charles Rose, owner of Crate Cheshire, wanted to bring that level of luxury typically seen in hair salons to a barbering space. He believes it is vital that all clients, no matter their hair length, are given a moment of luxury and relaxation when having their hair cut and styled.  

“Collaborating with STMNT has been key to providing this elevated experience,” says Charles. “The luxury grooming products enhance the sensory experience and provide nourishment for the hair and scalp.”  

Crate Cheshire Charles Rose

Charles Rose

Clients can choose from the following services, where depending on the choice of service, this will include haircare from the STMNT Care line, a specialized scalp massage, steamed towel wrap and/or tailored beard care.  

  • Soothe & balance: A nourishing care routine, focusing on the scalp and hair to gently cleanse and hydrate, leaving a moisturized feeling – particularly beneficial for drier hair and scalp types. 
  • Deep clean & care: A powerful cleansing experience that removes product build-up to refresh hair and scalp – recommend as a regular purifying backwash service to provide an extra fresh feeling.
  • Groom & care: A bespoke regime that combines a caring hair, scalp and beard service with a moment of relaxation – perfect for those who have a little extra time to enjoy a more holistic approach to self-care.

Crate Cheshire has noticed a big business benefit since adding the STMNT luxury backwash service, setting the salon apart in a competitive market and improving client loyalty. It’s also a great way to attract new clients seeking premium services, inevitably boosting business growth.  

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