Believe in Authentic Beauty

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT was inspired by hairdressers, artisans and people who share the same values. Will you join the movement?


A desire for truth and authenticity – that’s what today’s modern consumers are searching for. They’re eschewing over-engineered formulas, over-glamourised and filtered hair looks, craving real and honest discussions instead of corporate speak. Shared beliefs, an eye on sustainability, community – this is life in the new now.

This is AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, a holistic, premium brand inspired by hairdressers, artisans and people who share the same values. Something honest, simple and made with carefully selected ingredients, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT has curated a range of hair and body products that fit with today’s beliefs. This is a brand that people can relate to, nourishing their salon experience and home beauty rituals to a new level, powered by beliefs that chime with your clients today…


We believe in… pure formulas

What is left out is as important as what’s put in. Its care and styling formulas are created with a free-from philosophy; they are free from sulphates,* parabens, silicones, mineral oils and artificial colourants. Natural ingredients are extracted gently while preserving their benefits. This is nature meeting science…

We believe in… a no-filter attitude

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT was created as a movement with hairdressers and artisans sharing the same values, that build on today’s beliefs and individual experiences – this is a unique community embracing a new attitude towards beauty. The mindset behind the #authenticbeautymovement? ‘Be yourself’.

We believe in… authentic hair

The hair of today follows a new language, celebrating the free and unique textures of true beauty. It’s what you don’t see that makes the difference; care products create the canvas, styling products invisibly enhance authentic hair with a ‘no styling’ approach. It’s about building on the natural beauty that is already there. Effortless, crafted quality – a reduced luxury.

We believe in… a mindful experience

A mindful moment is about connecting inner and outer beauty through real experiences, reconnecting with yourself. AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT empowers the hairdresser to create a different, premium in-salon environment that blocks out the busy, crafting a moment to remember – a memento. The in-salon Momento Menu delivers a unique sensory journey with premium ingredients, blissful products and a relaxing, spa-like experience… with take-home treats allowing guests to follow their bliss back in their own bathrooms.

Carefully selected, pure ingredients. Real hair styles. Honest discussion. Artisan skills. Unique experiences. Shared beliefs. This is the new now – the authentic beauty movement. It just needs you to be part of it, too…

Recycle and Reuse – the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT way

Sustainability runs through the core of AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, enabling your salon to do more to protect the planet’s future:
• A partnership with Green Salon Collective aims to raise the standards of sustainability across the industry. From events to share and inspire sustainable salon practices to discounted services for AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT salons to recycle the traditionally impossible (hair, foil, colour tubes, towels) alongside plastic, paper, PPE, chemicals and general waste.
• There’s also access to GSC education on waste, energy, water, and food, as well as staff policies and social responsibilities.
• But it’s not just about recycling; salons can introduce an AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT refills bar to encourage clients to reuse their mindfully packaged bottles and tubs, often at a reduced retail price. Clear action, clear impact – beauty has. never behaved better

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