This One Tool Could Transform Your Client Bookings

This One Tool Could Transform Your Client Bookings

This One Tool Could Transform Your Client Bookings

If you’re looking to build your salon brand, consider Fresha a must-have tool to run and grow your business 

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As the social media landscape continues to evolve, having a strong website and social platforms has never been more important for your salon’s online visibility. While great content and engagement will get you so far, there may be one missing ingredient in your perfect progress potion… an online marketplace like Fresha.

Here’s how it works
The marketplace is a hub where potential clients can find, compare, and book services in their local area. Imagine your marketplace profile as your online shop window – it’s the best way for you to make a great first impression and bring new clients straight to your salon’s doorstep.

Most new client journeys start on the internet, and you need to show up in those searches for the best chance of bookings. Having a profile on a platform like Fresha marketplace will boost your local SEO rankings. So, even clients searching on Google are more likely to find your business, especially if you can offer popular services and treatments that set your business apart.

120,000 appointments are booked on the Fresha marketplace every day. Not only is it the world’s largest wellness marketplace, but it’s perfect for showing off your brand, as well as quickly and easily offering discounts or running sales.

A Fresha top tip
Clever pricing is one of your best tactics for winning new clients, and your marketplace profile is there to help you do it. Anyone who browses your services will instantly see how your deals and promotions affect your prices – whether it’s a seasonal flash sale that drives urgency, off-peak pricing to keep your salon busy throughout the day, or last-minute offers to quickly fill un-booked slots.

Treat clients to a better booking experience
With an online marketplace profile, you’ll unlock online bookings for your salon – letting your clients book, rebook, and reschedule their own appointments, 24/7. You’ll cut down your time arranging appointments on the phone and save hours each week, all while filling your calendar even faster.

Nowadays 70 per cent of clients prefer to book online, whether it’s for comfort or convenience, so they’ll love the ease of booking their appointment with you through Fresha. Add clear “Book Now” buttons to your profiles on Google Maps, Instagram, and Facebook, as these are apps your clients use every day.

You can do it all on the Fresha marketplace

With over 18 million monthly users and 120,000 appointments made every day, the Fresha marketplace is the best way to reach new clients, almost effortlessly! Salons typically gain at least 26 per cent more clients after joining the marketplace, and four out of five of those clients return.

Ready to get your salon’s name in lights? List your salon on the Fresha marketplace today, get seen by thousands of local clients, and watch your calendar fill up.


Is Your Salon Gender-Affirming?

Is Your Salon Gender-Affirming?

Australian favourite evo partners with The Dresscode Project to help create more gender-affirming salons around the world.

Who won the 2024 L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

Who won the 2024 L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

Who won the 2024 L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

New venue, new era of the UK’s longest colour competition

HeadUp X Calm

Gee-Kent Ho is celebrating a L’Oréal Colour Trophy win, scooping both the North Eastern region and overall prize at the 2024 grand final at London’s Old Billingsgate.

It was a big night also for Brooks & Brooks, with the salon’s Marlon Hawkins winning the London region and second place. Trevor Sorbie celebrated huge success too, as its Covent Garden salon winning third place, and its Brighton salon winning the Southern region. Its artistic director, Giuseppe Stelitano, also presented one of the event’s two hair shows, introduced by Trevor Sorbie MBE himself, who described the young talent as “a visionary”.

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – first place: Gee-Kent Ho, Newcastle upon Tyne

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – second place: Brooks & Brooks, London

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – third place: Trevor Sorbie, Covent Garden

It was also a major night for L’Oréal Colour Trophy itself, celebrating its 68th contest by switching it up a notch with a tech and innovation powered final at a new venue in London’s Old Billingsgate. Around 1,000 attendees enjoyed installations from fashion designer Jack Irving – as seen at On|Off – with hair by Jack Merrick-Thirlway and the Neville’s team during the pre-show reception.

Fashion design by Jack Irvin

The show itself – hosted by Clara Amfo, with help from DJ Lisa Snowdon, Vogue’s Twiggy Jalloh and make-up influencer Hannah Martin – played out on a circular stage with a jaw-dropping video wall. This proved an impressive backdrop particularly during the art team shows, immersing the audience further in the hair artistry presented on stage.

Host Clara Amfo, with Lisa Snowdon, Twiggy Jalloh and Hannah Martin

The first show – MetaBall from Giuseppe Stelitano and the Trevor Sorbie Creative Team – was a breath-taking affair, fitting for a salon brand that’s celebrating its 45th birthday. An amplified display of texture and wig artistry – cherry cola lengths, high pompadours and neon yellow shags – the presentation kicked up into high gear when dancers decked in feathered headpieces, neon green mullets and more took to the stage in a celebration of New York’s ballroom scene, soundtracked of course to a remix of Madonna’s Vogue.

MetaBall from Giuseppe Stelitano and the Trevor Sorbie Creative Team

Robert Eaton and the Russell Eaton Art Team later shared Luminaire, with all models dressed in white bodysuits as the perfect canvas to spotlight the sumptuous hair creations, and for light displays to play across their faces and bodies. This was a fusion of thigh skimming textured lengths kissed with indigo, two-toned precision bobs in lavender and aubergine, and fuchsia and candy pink. With a voluminous cube of textured sunshine yellow and blonde juxtaposed with bleached-out close crops, it was a masterful display of creativity.

And once all the winners had been revealed? It was on to a barn-storming set delivered by TikTok DJ twins ALTÉGO, a properly fitting high-energy climax to the night.

Luminaire from Robert Eaton and the Russell Eaton Art Team

And the winners are…

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – first place: Gee-Kent Ho, Newcastle upon Tyne

Second place: Brooks & Brooks, London

Third place: Trevor Sorbie, Covent Garden

North Eastern: Gee-Kent Ho, Newcastle upon Tyne

North Western: Saks Hair, Newark

Scotland: Jason Hall Hairdressing, Edinburgh

Western: Zoe Hodgkiss – Hair Artistry, Holsworthy

Eastern: Strictly Xtended, Bishops Stortford

Northern Ireland: Peter Mark, Lisburn

Southern: Trevor Sorbie, Brighton

London: Brooks & Brooks, London

STAR Award: Peter Mark, Belfast

Colour Specialist Award: Amelia Hall, Frances Marshall, Sunderland

Afro Award: Headmasters, Soho

Moving Image Award: Lauren McNeela, Stripe Colour Studio

Future Talent Award: Alex Doherty, Brandon Marchant, Elsie MacDonald, Francesca Bay, Isla McKelvie


Is Your Salon Gender-Affirming?

Is Your Salon Gender-Affirming?

Australian favourite evo partners with The Dresscode Project to help create more gender-affirming salons around the world.

Salon owners and freelancers – are you paying yourself the right wage?

Salon owners and freelancers – are you paying yourself the right wage?

Salon owners and freelancers – are you paying yourself the right wage?

Boss Your Salon conducts huge financial survey to help set proper pricing

HeadUp X Calm

Those running their own business often are the last ones being paid properly. Maddi Cook, founder of hair coaching business Boss Your Salon, is on a mission to help salon owners and freelancers set appropriate prices by helping the industry better understand what’s needed financially to keep a business growing. And she needs YOUR help to pull together the numbers!

She is conducting an industry-wide survey to highlight a common mistake made by many business owners, including freelancers. Non-client-facing work – such as admin tasks, stock control and content creation – is often overlooked when calculating the cost of running a business and can significantly impact overall turnover. Maddi believes that this error can result in sole traders and freelancers paying themselves less than the minimum wage.

“We want to gather solid evidence that clearly illustrates the difference between Actual Salary and Required Salary,” explained Maddie. “By understanding these core figures, we can collectively grow as an industry, set appropriate pricing and create sustainably successful businesses.”

Want to take part in the research? This is what you need to do:

Step One: access the Actual Salary Calculator, which helps you determine your current actual earnings.

Step Two: access the Required Salary Calculator, which focuses on calculating the necessary earnings to cover overhead costs and the cost of living.

The deadline for completing the research, and free access to the calculators, is 31 July.

HeadUp X Calm


Is Your Salon Gender-Affirming?

Is Your Salon Gender-Affirming?

Australian favourite evo partners with The Dresscode Project to help create more gender-affirming salons around the world.

How To Give Your Team A Texture Skills Confidence Boost

How To Give Your Team A Texture Skills Confidence Boost

How To Give Your Team A Texture Skills Confidence Boost

Emma Simmons shares five tips to grow a team confident working with ALL hair types.

                         Emma Simmons

   1 . Leverage online platforms

Our industry has a wealth of knowledge available online, with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and specialised hairdressing websites offering access to tutorials and courses on diverse hair types. You’ll find detailed instructions and demonstrations to supplement hands-on training. Encourage your staff to dedicate regular time to online learning and share their insights with the team.

   2 . Host workshops and invite guest experts

Invite industry experts who specialise in different hair textures to conduct workshops in your salon. These sessions provide hands-on experience and allow your staff to learn directly from those who excel in specific areas.

   3 . Use social media to find practice models 

Instagram and Facebook can help you connect with people in your area who have diverse hair types and are open to participating in training sessions. Create posts and stories inviting volunteers, and offer discounted services in return for their participation.

   4 . Establish a mentorship programme

Pair experienced stylists who are proficient in diverse hair techniques with newer or less experienced staff members. This one-on-one mentorship allows for personalised learning and immediate feedback, ensuring that knowledge is effectively transferred.

   5 . Invest in quality tools and products

High-quality scissors, combs, brushes, and other styling tools designed specifically for various hair textures are essential. Stock a diverse range of hair products tailored for different hair needs, such as moisturising products for curly hair and lightweight products for fine hair. Train your staff on their proper use to get the best results and to cater to the unique requirements of each client.


We’ve Got the Nine Essentials for Stellar Social Media

We’ve Got the Nine Essentials for Stellar Social Media

We’ve Got the Nine Essentials for Stellar Social Media

These hot tips from Phorest could make all the difference to your content, engagement, and bookings.

Promotion – Phorest
Avril Kealy

Avril Kealy

Avril Kealy, Phorest’s digital content strategist, knows a thing or two about stellar social media marketing. Creative HEAD asks her to shares her tips on nailing content and engagement…

Despite most of us scrolling on social media every day, harnessing its power for your business can be a daunting challenge. Did you know that a massive 93 per cent of small business owners report that they struggle with social media marketing? As a salon owner, embracing the power of social media can help you attract new clients, connect with your audience, grow your brand, and fill empty spaces in your appointment book. Who doesn’t want that for their business? 

Below are a few practical tips on social media marketing ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd. Oh, and guess what? You can use salon software like Phorest, to help with lots of them! 

TIP! High-Quality Visuals Form the Basis of Great Social Media Marketing 

When creating social media content, remember that your posts will live on feeds that are simultaneously filled with high-budget, high-quality content from other companies. Don’t fall behind just because you’re not focusing on your visuals! While you don’t need a camera crew and professional studio to make your social posts look great, you should adhere to certain quality guidelines.       

Pay attention to the lighting, backgrounds, and positioning you use; whether posting photos or videos. Similarly, try to showcase the vibe of your business through your visual content. For example, use relaxing music in the background of videos if you want to communicate your space as a sanctuary of serenity, or more upbeat and vibrant music if your salon fits that vibe. Perhaps place products in front of lush foliage and greenery if you want to show that your business is a place where nature meets self-care. 

Instagram on phone

TIP! Lift the Curtain: Go Behind the Scenes & Show Your Brand’s Personality 

With many businesses attempting to curate the perfect, polished image of themselves on social media, many consumers feel their social media feeds are full of dull, homogenous content. Because of this, audiences are increasingly more interested in seeing the unique, authentic personalities of the brands they love.  

What makes your brand unique? Is it your people? The services you provide? The outstanding experience that clients have once they enter your doors? Post content that shows this. Allow your audience to “meet the team” through funny videos. Capture clips showing the “behind the scenes” of running a successful salon or bring people through your daily routine in photo or video logs.  

Creating personable content like this helps humanise your brand, making clients feel more comfortable, especially when they can see the personalities and expertise of the individuals providing the services. This creates a stronger connection between you and your audience, boosting client loyalty and increasing positive reviews.

TIP! Share Before and After Pictures for Visual Proof  

Many salons still don’t understand the power of before and after photos and are often underutilising this tool. Scatter these throughout your social media feeds to give visual proof of the great work you do. 

For hair and nail treatments it’s all about the finished look first – don’t be tempted to add the ‘before’ to your carousel first.  You want it to be aspirational, so focus first on the end result.  

TIP! Boost Engagement with Educational Content & At-Home Tips 

Add value to your social media profiles and engage more clients by sharing education content and/or at-home treatment tips. This extends your service beyond the confines of the salon and creates a more engaged audience who feel they’re getting more value from their services. 

Education content and at-home tips can be shared through videos, images, or stories/highlights on your feed. This could include you and your team sharing wellness tips, self-care routines, product recommendations, or relaxation advice. As well as showcasing your brand personality and introducing your audience to the real people behind your work, providing education content like this can help position your business as an authority in your field. 

With an integrated online store, you can even link any products you’re recommending on social media for an immediate interaction and potential sale. 

Instagram like graphic

TIP! Advertise last-minute availability on your Stories with a Link to Book 

By announcing last-minute openings on social media, you can quickly fill empty slots in your schedule and maximise your daily bookings and revenue. While this is great for your business, it’s also great for your guests! Some clients prefer spontaneous decisions. They might see that you have a last-minute cancellation for a treatment and blow-dry and decide to treat themselves, later associating your business as one that helped them relax and engage in self-care, even at short notice.  

Broadcasting last-minute availability and making it easy to book with a link straight to your online booking system, ensures your appointment book stays full all day. 

TIP! Collaborating with Local Influencers can Help Build Your Brand 

Partnering with local wellness influencers or bloggers can help you increase your following, build a loyal audience, and increase bookings. With 67 per cent of people turning to influencers before making a purchase NOTE Please set to open in new browser window], leveraging influencers’ audiences to expand your business’ online reach and brand credibility can be successful and lucrative for your business. This could include gifting or paying an influencer to visit your salon to document the experience, or gifting or paying them to review a particular treatment/product/service you provide. How you engage in this type of marketing will vary depending on your unique business goals.  

When it comes to influencer marketing, remember the importance of choosing someone relatively local. This means the majority of their followers are in your salon’s catchment area and can easily travel to you for appointments.  

TIP! Share Client Testimonials and Success Stories 

Did you know that 42 per cent of people search on social media when looking for a new salon to visit? Not publishing testimonials and reviews could mean that you’re missing out on a huge cohort of potential new clients! Gathering glowing testimonials is easy with Phorest when you use the Online Reputation Manager tool that allows you to request, reply to, and publish reviews all from one place in your spa software system. Make review management a habit and watch your online reputation and revenue grow. 

It’s important to always ask permission before using client photos or videos on social media. To avoid any unnecessary back and forth, why not add this as a question or tick box on your pre-treatment consultation form?  

TIP! Run Social Media Promotions to Turn Followers into Clients 

One of the major struggles many businesses face with social media is that it can be difficult to convert followers into clients. While this is not always the goal in social media marketing, running social-specific promotions can be a great way to get those followers in your door and trying treatments in real life. Run social media competitions offering discounts, package deals, or early access to new treatments as prizes to social media followers who like, share, and follow your posts. 

Or, to boost product sales on your online store, why not set up a discount code and share it online across your socials,

allowing your followers to get more “bang for their buck” on professional products? By blending online and in-salon promotions, you can start seeing your booking numbers increase alongside your online following.  

TIP! Social Media Ads can help Supercharge your Marketing Efforts 

If you’re ready to go the extra mile to make your social media marketing efforts really stand out and get the love they deserve, why not invest in social media ads? Social media ads are paid ads that can be used to target existing or potential clients according to their gender, location, interests, and other demographics. While organic posts are free and will be seen by a certain number of people, paid ads can target a larger audience, allowing you to significantly increase your reach and build hype around your brand. 

Social media ads can be created and run in the back end of Meta, or in an integrated tool, such as Phorest’s Ads Manager. 

Ready to become a social marketing pro? Whether you’re ready to up your photography game, knuckle down and focus on gathering reviews, or start partnering with influencers, hopefully you now feel ready to take on the challenge! And remember that Phorest looks after the management of your salon, leaving you more time to do the things you love!  

Want to know more about how Phorest can fuel your salon’s success? Visit