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Hair lead Andrea Daley shares how she created the polished but not perfected look.

The V&A’s Fashion in Motion shows make catwalk couture accessible to a wider audience. Elegantly set against the backdrop of the museum, the ongoing series of catwalk have spotlighted work from some of the greatest designers of our time. In the most recent event, the inaugural winner of Netflix’s Next In Fashion, Korea based designer Minju Kim, shared a glimpse into her joyful, bold style. In a cohesive symphony of youthful playfulness and avant-garde haute couture, Minju’s signature style delivered bold shapes complimented by feminine characteristics.  

In partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, the hair team was led by Andrea Daley, who created bespoke styles for each model. Inspired by macramé and Korean knots, the core look featured micro-braiding, knots and twisted detailing combined to give a little edge to girly styles.  

“The styles are adaptable for most hair lengths and textures,” says Andrea. “The ‘mix and match’ braids allow for multiple styles from one look and work as a perfect hair up for festivals too.” 

Get the look 

Step one: Prep the hair using L’Oréal Professionnel Paris TECNI.ART Pli to give a mailable texture without compromising on shine. 

Step two: Part the hair in the centre, from hairline to nape.  

Step three: Subdivide the back into four sections (top right finishing just above the ear, top left just to the middle of the ear). Ensure the partings are obviously asymmetric to recreate the look. 

Step four: Split the right-hand side into two ponytails. The top should be high, with the lower one secured at the nape to exaggerate the difference in balance.  

Step five: Now, twist the top ponytail into a short rope braid with the majority of the length left out.  

Step six: Plait the below ponytail and intertwine the length of the rope twist. 

Step seven: On the left-hand side, scalp braid from the hairline to the middle of the ear and then plait.  

Step eight: Then, braid the below section into a skinny plait. 

Step nine: In front of the ear and on the hairline, loosely release the baby hair using the palm of your hand for a softer edge.  

Step 10: Finally, smooth the tails of each braid and the loose hairlines using the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Steampod for a glass-like finish.